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hazel keeps connected to the internet

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Posted by diigikid
hey there. My mobile j20i also known as hazel keeps connecting to the inet by itself.
This Happened this afternoon after I finished charging my phone. I dont know how and why even when I just turned iton I have that blue globe for about one minute, after that it disappear. A moment later it pops out again. Im sure I didnt open any programs it just keeps going and going which I found very annoying.help? Thx!

Posted by NoroBiik
Check the settings of the ff. to make sure they're not on autoconnect :
- email (Download/Check Interval setting should be "OFF")
- webfeeds (Schedule update setting should be "NEVER")
- facebook, twitter & any other internet widgets (should *not* be on autorefresh mode)
- java apps (doublecheck if any are running)

Posted by hihihans
Do you have push email on? Turn it off.

Posted by goldenface
To make sure you don't connect when you don't intend to, create a false internet profile and choose it as the default.

Posted by Bonovox
Sometimes if you just click back it does not disconnect & you have to press options & actually goto exit browser then it will disconnect

Posted by strauts
if you know that it should not be like that, and if you cant disconect inet, first to do is simply switch off and on the phone.

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