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help me w995 cam stoped working

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Posted by inglis71
hi all i have a problem with my w995 my cam on the back and the one on the front it just comes up black on the screen it will take pics but they are black i get all the settings it will flash and all that but its just black i have tryed updating with sony no fix i have tryed updating the cam drivers 0 1 and 2 ! its geting close to meeting my wall

if you can help me fix it by trying what you say i will paypal you 10

Posted by buntoo
hi, if a sofware update/reinstall doesn't solve your problem then it could be a hardware fault. Did you ever drop your handset? Best solution is to take your phone to customer care centre.

p.s. We don't need your 10..

Posted by Lightspeed_x
Hi, inglis71, welcome to Esato...

as buntoo said, we need more information to help you out a bit better....

did the handset enter in contact with water?

How old is the phone?, is it still under warranty?

Which firmware are you currently using?

Posted by inglis71
i have tryed 2 cameras (i have a blocked version of this phone in bits) both work on the blocked phone i have the most up to date fw it has no warranty as i got it from a m8 and it did work b4 but it just stoped working its like the view finder won't update ?

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