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Getting rid of energi saving screen in Elm

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Posted by Zzzombie
Everytime I disconnect the phone for the charger or USB I get a message about how important it is to remove the cherger from the outlet to save the planet. How can't I get rid of the message?

Posted by groovepeppy
You'll have to wait until cid80 is patchable which is impossible to do at the moment...
I'm waiting for it too...

Posted by degraaff
Eh... what's so bad about the little popup, one little click and it closes.
I would understand that it gets mildly annoying if you recharge your phone every two minutes, but... seriously?

Posted by LoadWB
It's annoying on my C905a because it interrupts various applications, prevents me from pressing any keys while it displays for two or three seconds, beeps in my ear while I'm on the phone, etc.

Aside from that, in principle it makes aggravating assumptions about my habits and technology. What if I'm charging from a solar charger? Or in my car? And frankly, I just don't like being preached to. I know how to conserve and I don't need a damned piece of technology to belittle me.
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Posted by MFire
See my thread on SE-NSE Upgrades for Elm
Look for "Don't show Green Heart reminder for charger disconnecting "
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