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phone speed up

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Posted by lynneth03
is there any trick to speed up my nokia 6600,. because it is too slow,. thanks in advance

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Posted by Excalibur69
Wow, @lynneth03, you're lost...you can use the esato search engine for the mobile ram booster which is available in APac Region...however, i found it useless....and lastly, please speak in English when you are outside APac Region.

Posted by rochel.o8
there are so many ram booster out there.. You will find it if you use the search engine

Posted by lynneth03
@rochel... the ram booster has no effect on my ph0ne,. even though it rec0vers s0me ram,. my phone still stay slow

Posted by titus1
Was it the OLD or the NEW 6600? If it is the Old one, then there's not much you can do about it.

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