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No USB connection with J102 Elm

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Posted by Zzzombie
I have put the USB it in Windows mode in the phone. But no sign of life.
My old SE W800 connects fine.
The purpose is to move all the contents of the old phone to the new one with MyPhoneExplorer
Any ideas?

Posted by Zzzombie

Posted by tranced
Don't you have to install any drivers?

Posted by Zzzombie
I have installed PC Suite 6.0. The phone charges with the USB, but no connection. I have a W800 and it works fine.
I have tried on another PC as well, but the same behaviour: nada.
Te firmware does not need updating either. I'm puzzled.

Posted by bloodyvie
...try to turn off ur firewall.. or antivirus..
or see ur USB settings... is it for windows or others platform..

Posted by Zzzombie
Antivirus and firewall turned off, no connection. The USB is in Windows mode.

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