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someone gave me w995 phone as a gift

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Posted by dynakore
i want to use it as MP3 player/Movie player/ digital camera.

i don't have a sim card for this phone. i t only goes to DEMO MODE.
does anyone know how to use the phone without activating it in the USA??

help me.

Posted by mcrosser
It doesnt have a flight mode???

I don't think you need to activate it. Any sim card will do, even from another country. Right now I'm using a Nokia N86 with a peruvian SIM card and it works fine, only there is no signal, but even wifi works. Perhaps a friend or family member has a spare sim card??

Posted by dynakore
can it be any sim card? or sim card specifically for Sony Ericsson phone?

thanks for your advice.

Posted by tranced
If the phone's not locked to any operator you can put any sim in.

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