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AVLS Volume limitation on Satio

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Posted by dngeorgiev

I bought my Satio a few days ago, and i clearly remember being impressed by its sound capabilities right after the purchase, listening to music trough the headphones supplied with the whole set.

A few days ago, i updated the firmware, so i could have the latest and the greatest performance, and for my surprise the volume of the music played through the same headphones was quite damn low

I belive that this is due to the firmware update, which i had done. Later i remembered that i had had the same problem with my ipod back in the days. I googled my problem and i found out that this volume limitation, ocurrs only in Europe and is abrivated as AVLS ... some French dude complained that the ability of the damn players to play music with high volume could damage your hearing abilities, so the EU had been kind enough to issue a directive limiting our player's volume, because of the French dude... the AVLS

Please tell me is there a way to remove this damn AVLS volume limitation and if there is, could it be done without having my firmware reflashed again, i just had setup the device, i do not want want to go through the same thing over and over again.

Thanks in advnace.
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