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Using Bluetooth Headset/Mic for PC

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Posted by symondneil
Hi all,
I recently got a bluetooth headset for my phone, which works great. I also got a mic/headset for my PC that plugs into the sound card... then I was thinking, since I have a bluetooth dongle, why dont I just use the bluetooth headset for both? I do some gaming but the quality is not paramount, and the PC headset I got is not a great one either...

So first I would like your thoughts on using the bluetooth over the PC mic/headset, and then, how do you make the default sound device the bluetooth? I cant find any way to disable the regular speakers. Thanks!
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Posted by kawaii
still depends on your pc bluetooth software if it is supported

Posted by Nhyrohale23
If you can use it to send voice to a phone and data between devices, can you use it as a mic?

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