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Aino Touchscreen not responding

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Posted by vancreef
after just 1 month, my Aino has developed a fault. The screen is constantly illuminated, displaying the time, but doesn't respond at all. The screenlock button at the top, doesn't do anything either. I have updated the software, and done a soft reset, (not the hard reset, as this warns of losing all programs), and it made no difference. I can still use the phone if i slide it open. Rang Sony who said take it back to Car Phone Warehouse, but CPW say it will be 2 weeks til i get it back. Does anyone know of anything i could do?

Posted by hihihans
If a restart is not fixing it, you should send it back. What's 2 weeks, while the other option is a useless phone!

Posted by dj-striker
it sounds more like a soft wear fault have ya try upgrading to latest firsm ware

Posted by vancreef
By "the latest firmware", i take it you mean updating through SE update? If so, yes i did try that. Anyway, they replaced the phone because i have kept their 8.99/mth insurance. If i hadn't had that, it was a "up to 28 days to the repair shop".

Thanks for your time, and if theres anything i can help with, just ask.


Posted by aldwynsmith
I have the same problem in my cell...

Cell boosters
Cell repeaters
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Posted by hihihans
That gives the same answers.
Restart, FW or back to

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