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K850i dead under flash

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Posted by hestetyv
Hi !

Really need some help.
Under a flash today, i managed to do some stupid things. 60% within flashing, i moved the phone on my table, and the cable disconnected
Tryed to flash it again, but it went on to 3%, and dies. Tryed to disconnect the phones battery, and tryed again. No luck.
When i turn on the phone, only keyboard lights up, and nothing else.

What to do ? Got no warranty on the phone, as i have had it for more than 2 years.


Posted by ceaser2008
Dont worry. You can bring it back to life.

Few things which you need to check. Is your battery has enough charge to perform full flash? If not, try to charge it first. Re-install your a2uploader and do flashing. You will be able to do it.

Posted by hestetyv
Battery full charged Charged it with my other K850.

I dont really know what a2uploader is ? I have tryed with SEUS, i have just downloaded it.

Posted by ceaser2008
Take a look on this. It has everything from software to firmware and the tutorial.


Read it carefully. In 6th post, link to firmwares is given.

Posted by hestetyv
Found the software (Nordic), and have uploadet it now. I dont relly understand the "finalize" thing ? I havent got any cust. things to upload. So i have tried to turn on the phone, but it said "Communication error, contact service partner" or something like that ^^
So now im trying to update it by SEUS, and it seems to get going, it didnt stop by 3% So fingers crossed now.

Posted by ceaser2008
You have not customized your phone thats why you had that error.
You could have download the customized file from the same site from where you have downloaded the firmware- main and fs.

Anyways, if seus is doing fine then go on, otherwise you can flash the phone and customize it.
Hope this time seus do its job.

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