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Esato login problem using opera mini

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Posted by groovepeppy
Hi everyone
Let's go to the point, here is my problem.
Everytime i came to esato forum using opera mini i have to login, i already check the box which used to 'auto' login each time i come here.
Is there something i can do or you guys here at Esato can do to help me so i don't have to enter my username and password each and everytime i go here?
Please help me?

Posted by hihihans
Get Opera Mini 5 beta. You'll still be logged off but when you log in, the form is already filled in. btw I'm using 4.2 and it's 50% chance wether I'm logged off or in when I start.

Posted by groovepeppy
Are you saying that it's normal when we use 4.2?
I know about the beta 5.0 cause it have password manager but i don't have this problem before around April '09
Does this have something to do with esato's cookie setting?
Cause everytime i choose 'yes' in 'save my username in a cookie for one year' it was always at 'no'
Check yours in the preferences mate...
And thank's a lot for your attention

Posted by ceaser2008
Yeah, it is normal with accessing esato using om 4.2. Previously it was remembering your name and password but for last 7-8 months, i have to enter username and password everytime i access esato. To save time, just save the login page in saved pages.

I can say, i dont know its a problem or not, but my om is saving my gmail and se-nse username and password. So something has to be done with esato setting.

Posted by hihihans
That's right, other sites do remember me.
OM does sometimes remember Esato.
An other option is to minimize OM.

Posted by idumbakumar
its even happening when i'm using IE v7.0.
opera 4.2 remembers se-nse.net passwords.

Posted by groovepeppy
Well, you guys giving me a relieve.
I thought i'm the only one who's having this problem.
I hope esato read our post and try to fix this bug.
There's must be something in the cookies option imo...

Posted by Bonovox
My Opera 4.2 keeps me logged in though sometimes it remembers only my username. Dont like Opera 5 much i find it annoying hope it improves soon. I cant use T9 using Opera 5


[ This Message was edited by: Bonovox on 2009-12-01 01:13 ]

Posted by groovepeppy
i can use t9 on OpMin 5beta?
look on the settings, there's one option about inline editing, maybe you should turn them off first...
[ This Message was edited by: groovepeppy on 2009-12-01 04:40 ]

Posted by Cyborg_a0
i experience this last night when i login to using t9space on opera and forgot to logout, then tried to login on opera mini, i can't login continously, but my problem is solved now.

Posted by kawaii
i think, it depends what proxy you are using on operamini4.2
if i use some cgi proxy it happens in my side

Posted by Dksmile
I experienced also using different freesite in w/c some can automatically log in u in a certain site and some are not...so i think 8 dpend the freesite to be use im om.

Posted by erazer007
Happens to me always when I use utorrent while browsing esato.

Posted by Cyborg_a0
darn it i'm experiencing a login problem, as i was typing a long message and hit the reply, i was logged out and my message was not sent.

Posted by hihihans
After update to latest version of OM5b2 username and password are not displayed anymore, I used to click sign-in, now i've got to fill it in.

Posted by hihihans
Last few days OM5b2 does log me in automatic.
But posting a reply can take a couple of times. It redirects me to previous page.

Posted by ceaser2008

On 2010-03-02 22:31:51, hihihans wrote:
Last few days OM5b2 does log me in automatic.
But posting a reply can take a couple of times. It redirects me to previous page.

I am also facing the same problem. Every time when i post reply, it directs me to the same page without posting my reply and my typed reply also gone. I have to copy the typed matter and then reply. I have to do this for 2 times, then the reply is posted.

Posted by Liontiger
Me either, everytime i post a message i need to put my username and password. I hope esato can remember accounts.

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