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Power of photoshop

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Posted by looking4free
I just want to show you my obramaestra... please show your own version on how you edit the original pictures

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Posted by litemint
waaw, ang ganda, ihihi.. sponsored by photoshop. ihihi

Posted by boy.in.PINK
bqt kea binura ung game?!

Posted by looking4free
@lite, oo nga eh... sigurado kaya mo din gawin yan
@toph, ewan ko bakit binura... inggit siguro sila

Posted by mpaul
@sir lo0k dpt ang sample si aling di0nisia. haha

Posted by boy.in.PINK
@insang looking mukam nga..

@litetoot ika mu nga, Photoshop touches my skin.. who touches yours?

@mpaul uag naman.. baka mabura na naman eh..

Posted by mpaul
haha. aus lng nmn bsta mganda pgedit.

Posted by brys182
ayus ah.

wala bang sample tutorial dyan hihi.

Posted by litemint

testing lang, ihihi.. pinalakihan ang mata ng babae, parlorista ata gumawa nian, ihihi

Posted by fire17m
ibang tao na yan.. hehehe.. tutorial naman dyan para sa mga advance techniques ng photoshop mga kuya!! heheh

Posted by mpaul
0o nga mga sir mglagay po kau ng tut mrming salamat po!

Posted by pepeche
Isang kagebunshin technique nmn jan oh

Posted by adnansanni
English man English. whats the points of create a new thread that majority people don't understand?

Posted by litemint
Lessen your Eyebug

apang: you heard it right, we are about to lessen your eyebug using Photoshop 7 or higher.


Opppss!! Question, whos that girl?
Answer!! Its my love of my life, ihihi;)

Ok, open your image, and zoom(press Z and click) in on the eyes.

Now press L on your keyboard, Lasso Tool.
Just click and click the area of the eyebug.

Then hit Ctrl+Alt+D to Feather the selection, and put 3 on the radius and click OK

hit Ctrl+J to duplicate the background layer, you will see Layer 1 above the background layer

Now just click the eyes of the Layer 1 to hide it.

then click the Background Layer

Now press J for the Healing Brush Tool. Now right click on the image, set the Diameter to 31px, and Hardness 40 %.

Now hold Alt and the cursor will be crosshaired(see below), and click the cheek.

Now just brush the eyebug, by click and dragging the brush, until you see none of it.

Now click the eyes again of the Layer 1, and set the Opacity to 50

Now press V to move, press the Up key, two or three times.

Now do the same on the other eye.


Isnt she beautifull? whihihi

Posted by mpaul
@sir lite salamat naglaeng k tlga. we want m0re m0re m0re tut. haha

Posted by virusjun2
Nice tut papi lite. Hehe
pa share naman jan mga tips and tricks sa ps and coreldraw.Hihihi

Posted by litemint
@mpaul, ihihi.. reg lang kau dito, http://animeguildphils.darkbb.com/

Posted by looking4free
@all, kailangan nyo po nga mga latest plugins ng adobe para magawa yan

Posted by litemint
mister looking, hindi na po, kahit PS 7 pwede na, ihihi.. or hanap ka ng portable na PS para no nid for installation, on the go lage, ihihi

Posted by looking4free
@lite, papalite adobe photoshop cs2 po kc gamit ko... eheheh... marami binili na plugins ung friend ng papa ko kaya syempre kinuha ko na

Posted by mpaul
@kabsat lite salamat nag-laeng ka nga tlga... ay ayaten kan... hahaha

Posted by looking4free
added new photos on first page

Posted by mpaul
@sir look hahaah lufet tlga.

Posted by boy.in.PINK
aus mga 'toe..^_^

Posted by looking4free
Add pa ko maya ng 3 ehehe. Para masaya

Posted by efrenreyes

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Posted by j_floyd
nice tut..magagamit ko to sa election..hihihi..
para sa akingh "smear campaign"

Posted by JacoBash

->haizt!mhrap gamtn photoshop kaya napagod na aq sa pagaARAL. . .at guys help me. . .panu yan wla pa aqng business kya wla pa aqng CREDIT CARD...NeD daw un para madownload un PC FILES kc puro FREE TRIAL nadodownload q wla bng fulverSi0n???Tnx n advance!

Posted by JacoBash
->haizt,adobe PS CS3 FREE TRIAL dn ay kainz tlga ang damot naman nla(adobe corporation). . . Pati FACE SM0OTHER ,SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR AT DICTIONARY FOR PC TRIAL dn. . .kainz!

Posted by jamesmilner
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