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T Mobile cheeky gits

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Posted by Bonovox
I recently recieved my first T Mobile bill for my Mobile Broadband contract with them. Although now i have cancelled it and sent it back and cancelled the direct debit they have lied to me. It said on the website, also the guy on the phone that delivery was free. Comes my bill in the post this morning a 13.03 delivery charge is on my bill. They are lucky i have cancelled it because to me thats cheeky. How can you advertise that its free then slap that on your bill its very bad. I was expecting 30 bill but no it was 44.34. I shall not use T Mobile again cos they lie and con you. And i never would have ever thought myself stupid enough to be tempted by 24 months contract cos of a free laptop. Its not worth it. Rubbish laptop rubbish internet speeds not as good as i remember it from few years ago. I think 24 months contracts for a laptop which cost 315 is disgusting. Some phones cost more than that and surely 720 for the entire 24 month contract is more than the cost of the laptop. So it should be paid back by then. I think its one big rip off and networks are ripping people off & idiots like me daring to sign up. Oh well rant over but i am free now of 24 months of hell.

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Posted by goldenface
The amount of people that complain about the mobile industry is ridiculous.

I don't think I'll be getting an 18 month contract again, thats for sure. I'm gonna get my pac code and go PAYG.

Posted by Bonovox
What pay and go for your phone or broadband? Which network you on was it 3UK i think you said? I shall not bother with contracts again its just one big rip off. I think whatever the customer wants they should get. If someone wants only 12 months not 18 24 or 36 months tie in's then they should be given a clear proper choice. I remember the last time i tried for a phone contract in an O2 store whereby i was declined. Anyway without even asking what i wanted only telling them the phone i wanted the guy doing the credit check automatically tried putting me on a 24 month. He never even gave me options they just do whatever without any thought of asking what you want. He said its 24 months by the way. I was like OH RIGHT. They do it in a sneaky way Vodafone did it to me years ago too. I renewed a contract getting a Sony Ericsson S700(long time ago) and they put me down do 18 months not 12 without even consulting me first. I know you gotta read what you sign but its just stupid arrogant selling practices.

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