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Virgin Network

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Posted by Jangles
Anyone know much about the Virgin network at the moment? performance wise, ease of getting settings to put their sims in unlocked phones etc

packages are certainly cheap but thats not always a good thing!

what network are they running off the back of?

Posted by Bonovox
Virgin piggy back off the T Mobile network in the UK so their network performance is as good as them. Which is T Mobile still have probably the worst coverage in the UK although their 3G coverage is not bad. I am not aware of their pay monthly tariffs at the moment someone else might. Although if you are looking at pay as you go then its pretty good value. If you top up 20 per month you get unlimited texts and unlimited browsing on the internet upto 1 giga byte per month. Anything lower than that you get 15 per month top up gets you 600 texts and 10 per month gets you 300 texts but internet is 30p per day for 25mb a day limit. I know Virgin do a low 8.50 tariff which offers around 100 mins and 100 texts. As for getting settings you should be able to get them from Virgin Mobile website or by calling them.


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Posted by weirdwilli
My mum got their 8.50 contract a couple of months ago and seems to be picking up signal everywhere and is happy with it. I payed 30 to get a W595 on the contract and had to unlock it as all Virgin phones seem to be locked and branded however it can be easily and freely unlocked now.

Posted by Bonovox
You can also get a Virgin pay monthly tariff from Carphonewarehouse whereby the phones will be unlocked

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