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Free skype-to-skype on 3 UK question

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Posted by RLP06
I recently received my free 3 UK SIMS, and I have a K850i, I was wondering if I would be able to just install Skype on it, or whether I would need to flash my K850i to 3 firmware to use Skype-to-Skype for free...

Posted by goldenface
No, you can install the java version and it does work - I have tried it. If you go to the skype site you will be able to download the app to your phone.

Posted by RLP06
Do you happen to have the JAR/JAD file? I don't want to have to top up my 3 sim, ; )

Posted by RLP06
So I had the chance to test this out this weekend, basically, if you have topped up, and you're not using a 3-branded phone, it will use your 150mb of free data, but if you haven't topped up, you will not be able to use skype-to-skype for free...

I branded my K850i to 3 this weekend and it works great without the need to top up, though i will be topping up, I just wanted to see how it all worked out.

Think I may pick up a spare SE phone to use skype as 3 branding is disgusting, lol

Posted by lukechris
Well my phone is 3 branded but i downloaded the customisation files and removed all the branding, so it looks debrand but it aint

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