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Posted by artspromo
Adva Mobile Corp., a provider of mobile fan clubs for music artists,
has launched a mobile marketing service. They provide a software
service for music artists to create closer relations with their fans
on their mobile phones.
The best part is, the service is free to fans and free to bands.

"Music artists today have a Web presence -- MySpace and Facebook --
but no way to reach out to their fans on their mobile phones," said
Jack Kelly, founder/CEO of Adva Mobile, Wayland, MA. "Yet their fans
are increasingly connecting over their personal, always with them,
mobile phone.

What Adva Mobile offers the Artist:

The relationship you have with your fans is your most powerful asset -
strengthen and grow this relationship and your fans will reward you
with loyalty and ticket, merchandise and music purchases. reach your
fans where they are - on their phones, through your own free mobile
fan club. We'll set you up with an entire system for connecting to
your fans on their phones, with a text messaging service (to you and
from you), mobile web pages, a mobile commerce section to sell
merchandise and tickets, video and music content distribution, and a
way to connect with fans through Twitter and Facebook. Check us out.

What Adva Mobile offers the Fans:

Imagine messages - from your favorite music Artists on your phone that
brought you into their world- their shows, music, videos, life,
friends. Mobile Fan Clubs let you experience your favorite artists
with "snackable" content and info right on your phones, whenever it's
convenient for you. Once or twice a month messages bring you to
special mobile web pages where you can check out their latest news,
download videos and music, buy merch and tickets, connect to them and
other fans on Twitter and Facebook, and have fun with contests, games,
trivia and other cool stuff.

Adva Mobile was founded by Jack Kelly and Amir Rozenberg in March 2008
and is privately funded. The service is free to consumers and can also
be set up to be a revenue-generator for the band.

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