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New mobile directory privacy fears

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Posted by Bonovox
A new up and coming Mobile Phone Directory called Connectivity being launched soon has been attacked over privacy fears. It has bought the details of some 16 million mobile numbers in the UK. It says it will not give out any number or details of anyone but instead users have to dial 118 800 number. Nigel Evans MP Conservative chairman of the All Party Group on ID Fraud has said this is shocking and depressing. People feel their mobile number is private to them and should not be traded for profit. People are going to feel infuriated if they are bombarded with calls from people they dont want to hear from. Connectivity has bought the list of mobile numbers from brokers who themselves have purchased personal details from market research and online stores. Individuals will also be able to volunteer to place their numbers with the mobile directory inquiry service which launches June 16th. Connectivity insists it is privacy friendly because it does not hand over mobile phone numbers to users of the service. Instead operators will find and dial the targets number is and ask weather they are prepared to recieve the call. All searches are via the secure application that does not show numbers or addresses of individuals. It is possible to become ex directory by texting E to 118 800 though this could take several weeks. The service costs 69p connection charge and 14p per min. This was reported by Daily Mail. I dont like this its not good but my mobile number is not listed in my name anyway.


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Posted by Mr Miyagi
This is worrying. How can this company be made to operate, it should be shut down.

Posted by Bonovox
Yes indeed people are up in arms over it already I seen it on BBC News yesterday. I have a feeling its mostly contract users numbers that are being used cos so many pre pay numbers either are not registered or like mine I made up a false name with my pre pay number cos back in Feb I was stalked on my mobile by a mentally ill woman. I am careful now.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
you can opt out of this and be ex directory on this service, even though i am ex directory on my network:

Can I be ex-directory with 118 800?
You can become ex-directory by texting the letter ‘E’ to 118800 from the mobile phone you want to be made ex-directory or you can call us on 0800 138 6263. Standard network charges apply. The first time 118 800 contacts you you will be sent an SMS reminding you about how to become ex-directory. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your ex-directory request to take effect.

I am ex-directory, so how can I be put back in the directory?
If you know you are already listed by us as ex-directory – and therefore we have your correct address - you can text the letter ‘I’ (for ‘in’) to 118 800. Alternatively, you can join the directory from this website.

source link: http://www.118800.co.uk/faqs.html#privacy

Posted by Bonovox
I rang Orange about this they said your number will not be listed on any directory without permission from yourself. So did this Connectivity company ask 16 million mobile users to be listed or not? This is wrong wrong wrong.

Posted by masseur
they get their numbers from the same sources that cold call advertisers get them from (public record, people you have given your details to and not ticked the boxes disallowing the sharing of info etc etc), so they don't have every mobile number in the country and, as you say, you can opt out and, as you also say, the don't give numbers out instead texting the person and they have the choice to respond and call the originator

I'm all for privacy but I can't see this as any kind of problem, certainly no more than any other cold caller except in this case someone is actually looking specifically for you rather than something random, and I think its just tabloid scaremongering for a story

edit: btw, their site is http://www.118800.co.uk/ and its worth a read of their privacy and security sections
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Posted by Bonovox
Yeah guess your right thats why though I dont register my name on pay as you go cos you dont have to.

Posted by gola
Eagle Eye

Posted by golemsmate
i think if they do call and you know its a cold caller, say hang on one moment. Mute the microphone and pop it in your pocket carry on with ur life.

I think they'd get slightly annoyed? and cost them a bit

Posted by Greggy
Is it possible with this service to give them a mobile number and they tell you the name and address of the owner?

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Posted by Bonovox
No no no no no nooooooooooo they are not allowed to give any details out to anyone. They contact the person the caller is trying to get in touch with & you either say yes & respond to the call or ignore it.

Posted by ellenfrances
One other thing that nobody seems to have mentioned, the mobile phone companies are going to make a fortune out of us when we all text them asking to opt out! why should thousands of us have to pay. shouldnt it be the other way around, you txt iof you want to opt in? This just takes the p***
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Posted by Bonovox
Its been on BBC News tonight its been stalled due to an internet campaign to get this site stopped.

Posted by lukechris
... and go to their site

Posted by Bonovox
Email's were sent around the internet asking people to take themselves off the site. They dont give out numbers anyway

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