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issue with esato using opera on touch hd

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Posted by alexslane
hey guys can anybody give me a idea what's up with opera. each time I in to do something using the browser it bounces me back to the username and password screen.
now I have made sure that I have the password and username saved, but still the same problem.
can anybody tell me where I am going wrong.
thanks in advance, alex.

Posted by WhyBe
Try a different browser. In my experience, Opera, though it has a really smooth and nice GUI, has a really low success rate at loading web pages on my X1. I am currently enjoying Opera Mini and the new pIE in WM6.5. The new pIE seems to load everything you throw at it and of course Opera Mini does well too (and quick).
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Posted by doministry
This is the problem with ANY browser,

it's the Esato problem.
I experience this on ANY browser, whether it's a PC or Mobile.

Posted by alexslane
hmmm ok will try out oprea mini and internet explorer.
no as weird as it may seem i have not had many problems with the browser since i installed finger keyboard 2.
wondering if there is a bug with the standard keypad and oprea.
are there any other browsers that i should try out then.
thanks again,

Posted by williamjems
Hi Alex,
Yes i have a new idea for you. You can use Mozilla Fire fox 3.10. It's best for other browser. You can use it. I think Mozilla can remove your problem. Thanks for your post.
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