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Banned from esato

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Posted by Twometre
Its been a long time since I was last here. Well before my long dissapearance I tried to post a reply to one topic and I got a responce telling me that I have been banned from this forum. okay that was it. I wrote a pm to masseur and I never got a reply.

Of late or should I say recently I tried to make another responce to another topic again and I got the same ban message.
The question now is what should I do coz what is heppaning is out of the bounds of my knowledge

Posted by iksplusipsilon
Is it happening only occasionally ? You would not be able to post this topic if you were rreally banned, probably some glitch...

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Posted by masseur
thats strange. I only delete my PM's if I have replied to them (those that need a reply) and looking at my PMs I have non from you.

From time to time I do get a PM from people who have had a message that they have been banned when in fact they have not. I've never gotten to the bottom of it but those people are able to coninue posting without issue. I've actually seen the same message myself a few times.

if this is an ongoing issue you;d be best to PM laffen who can investigate at greater depth than a moderator and I'm sure he'll come up with a valid reason and, hopefully, a fix for the problem too

Posted by Twometre
Thanks Masseur that was helpful indeed
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Posted by yea g
I found that resetting your ip makes that message go away (yes, i have had it before)
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Posted by aquared29
i also got that message twice when i post a reply and i forgot to fill in my username and password, just writing some reply and click the submit button, then it appears, it says that iwas banned from esato and ask me to contact the admin.

Posted by adhgklk
Hi ppl! I got that message(the same of aquared29) too 3 days ago but i then refresh the page and log in again and until now i havent have that error or glitch or whatever it is again. Currently everything is working fine... im just saying just in case.

Posted by fbloise
Guys, have you try to use the "delete cookies or temp files" function in your favorite browser?

seems to magically solve all these issues.

Posted by adhgklk
@fbloise: Hey, i didnt know that trick, i'll keep it in mind next time. I usually use Ccleaner for that but i have like 2 weeks without deleting the cookies neither the temp files. Thanks for the info.
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Posted by aquared29
i thought that i was only the one that had experience that
i try it again posting without a password and it appears

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