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watch out for this guy

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Posted by slick1
gday all.

i logged on this morning to see that i had a private message. Dont reply to this guy as he's after your email address

Signup date: Feb 18, 2009 Posted: 13:22 Today Hello ,
my name is Evlin, it is my pleasure to write you after viewing your
profile here in this site ( evlin09@yahoo.com )which really
interests me to communicate with you. it will be better if you can write me
back via my email for a comfortable communication. i have something to share
with you. i will be waiting to hear from you. have a blessed day.
from Evlin .
( evlin09@yahoo.com )

Posted by enk39
Well yeah....of course you don't reply to emails like that....i get mountained with them on social networking sites like bebo for example

Posted by HornyNick
Did u report this to a mod?

Posted by masseur
I've already dealt with it and yes, as suggested, just ignore


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