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w960i successor

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Posted by Junky
This is an idea collection Thread to the w960i successor the future Nokia tube killer
It is soon now one year past since the w960i comes out, many of you as I waits certainly for the successor
SE must bring a music Touchscreen equipment on the market around a mobile phone to have that Nokia xpressmusik 5800 paroli offers and Nokia from the center to sweep: evil:
The Xperia does not are enough it must be a Smartphone that the emphasis Multimedia has.
This Thread is around ideas to posts like mobile phone will be appearance, functions, name etc.
One can build also desires the SE in this mobile phone should mention.
I and the user “Walkman” have the goal of everything which we together-get at SE by mail to send, and of hoping 1. a successor flat and 2. her few from the ideas to perhaps insert
one can make also own sketches or Concepts of the successor and then here for posts.
I hope you have good ideas.
sorry for my bad englisch

copright by acmilan_W960i of SE-world.info

Sorry, because my english isn't well.
We'll take the mail to SE via Mail but in german.

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Posted by Tsepz_GP
By the time that "Tube Killer" is out NOKIA will have something far better anyway. by the way the 5800XM is just a normal mid-range handset, NOKIA have confirmed a Nseries Touch is coming soon.

Posted by Dups!
Nokia had nothing to offer this year. Yes, the year is not over and we're anticipating the N series touchscreen phone but I can't help to think that they have run out of ideas since the N95.

Also the fact that other manufacturers have caught up and surpassed big old Nokia, ie, Samsung with their INNOV8. Some have come up with innovative and slick touch UI (Apple) then there is crappy LG with their impressive high video recording phones. Nokia's work is cut out.

I just hope they are not basking in the N95 glory because we know very well what that mentality brings.

As for the topic, SE needs a great successor. It's a pity they don't seem to want to include a DSP chip in their mobiles which would be excellent. Their clear audio thingy didn't fare well in the What Hifi mobile test which was won once again by the iphone.

Would be nice if it also was a fully fledged touchscreen ala the tube or iphone. 16GB would also be nice. There are rumours that it is like that and has 16GB of storage.

It's a matter of waiting and hope for the best... or the worst.

Posted by djin
I can confirm this that w980i's sound quality is much better than n96's(which has dsp).

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