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Increase the back speaker sound of k790i

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Posted by sharat147
How can i increase the back speaker sound of my k790i (make it loud...n...clear)?...plz suggest...

Posted by zirkie101
Welcome to Esato! Now I finally had the chance to say that! Dude, I recommend reading up some tutorials at the Sense forum. I'm hesitant to just throw you in @ the deep end. Remember, failure to follow the correct procedure could end up in tragedy. If you have ACCEPTED this, you are ready to start modding your phone! Now go on... you've got some readin' to do!

Posted by number1
look here http://www.esato.com/board/viewtopic.php?topic=158519

Posted by saudkhokhar
I am using K790i. I am a new user of this site, so can anyone tell me that how can i increase sound of my cell by using XS++ . I have downloaded Peter Hifi V2 Acoustics.

Posted by litemint
just choose the right acoustic of your choice.
Pete's Acoustics

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