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Could not locate remote server P990i

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Posted by ksxt
I'm using the P990i
When i tried to use the Wireless " Could not locate remote server "
How to solve this problem? anyone plz?

Posted by SLY21
first of all what modem are you using second are you on a open network if you are on a locked network ring your modem makers because there is sometimes a firewall that needs to be turned of to allow your p9 to work at least that was part of my problem ok good luck sy

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Posted by chamak
It happened to me when I tried to connect to my work wi-fi, which needs a proxy server to be defined (the proxy server is also configured and maintained by my work's network team) to allow Internet traffic. So, when at first i didn't enter the proxy settings, i got that error. aftei i entered those proxy informations it worked like charm

Posted by ksxt
I'm trying to connect thru school's wireless network. It worked fine couple hours ago but now some how doesn't work anymore

Posted by ksxt
Never mind i solved this problem.

Posted by arkaine168
ahm .. how do you solve it ?

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