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Interesting info in T68 R5D007 FW

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Posted by stevem
This should probably go in a tech forum, but the latest R5D007 FW has some interesting params:

resolution=65 50;
colours=08 03 03 02;

You'll realise that this is part of the LCD display block. The 200109110 graphics core hasn't changed since the T68m, but the revision is now 102096/1 R4A. The device uses the i2c interface. Anyone have links, tech specs or part numbers for the graphics/lcd sub-systems of the T68? (No info in the FAQ/forum search/Google, etc)

I wonder what would happen if we change the res values (hex) or bit-depth to > 8-bit...? Anyone experimented thus far? It might be usefull to have detailed specs prior to testing...

Posted by shooz
Interesting, I've been browsing through the firmware files a bit too -- might be useful to find some hidden features =P

Has anyone tried modifying the firmware and uploading it to a phone yet? I think it would be cool if we could translplant Tetris from the t68 to the new firmwares


Posted by t68-voda
I've got a T68 and a MSI bluetooth bulit-in M/B.
I've installed both SONY and MSI software.
But the thing is,all sony softz doesnt work on my XP>!!!!
the general bluetooth softz works well on theis platform..!!!!
plz tell me is there a speical driver for t68 on xp??!
or plz tell me a solution....

Posted by hor071
Hi! From today i have t68i (r2a) when i try to open xhtml forum on wap.esato.com i sf only \"Fill in form? <Submit form> :-( what is wrong?

Posted by stevem
Umm, why are the previous 2 posts in this thread...? They're completely OT...

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Posted by stevem
I'd forgotten that I already had the white papers from ericsson on the t68/t68i/t300/p900...

Not enough hardware detail in these either, but they do state max lcd size, 70Hz refresh rate, 12MHz AVR, & confirm 8k video ram. No info as to whether this is UMA or discrete. I assume discrete, which means that 101x80x1=8k. The 3/3/2 RGB setup means reduced blue color palette. There's not enough VRAM to try 9-bit for 512 colors 101x80 res, but it may be possible to try 9-bit @ 90x80 if the video controller/software is flexible enough...

Edit: This EETimes story has some tech details & circuit components/topology pic:


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Posted by nookiehunter
very informative indeed. but for the non-tech savvy... i think all they can say about this is... "uhhhh... DUH?" thanks for the info guys!

Posted by stevem
Um, yeah...

The closest LCD panel that Seiko/Epson manufactures is a 128x128 pixel device with 64k RAM. Perhaps SE has an OEM unit made...? Otherwise, there may be opportunities yet...

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