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Vimio TV - live TV

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Posted by koto
I found this topic on My-Symbian. Now we can watch TV live on our phones. I tried it and it works (wifi)!


Posted by tty56
Hehe, funny app, works fine on my M600, athough the included channels are pretty useless...

Posted by bwfcmadlad06
will this app work on my w950 i mobile?

Posted by ares

Posted by Mr[NiK]
is it free ??

Posted by koto
Yes, it's free.

Posted by jmash
Got installed on my P800 and it works,although l seem to have a connection problem.Pictures freezes for about 2sec every 30sec.Maybe it's just my connection.Great app.

Posted by raj177
wow, app works fine on my p910i....are there any other services like this with better channels though?


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Posted by brix25
Must cost a heck a load of bucks for those who aren't on unlimited data plans.

Posted by hongkongphooey69
Can't get any 'options' to pick alternative services to CNN, Fashion TV and DVD Previews.....it seems like this is just a demo version

Anyone got it to work as it is promoted on Vimio's site?

Posted by bjorne
presumably not working over wifi, anyone who knows?

also only gets the 3 channel options, CNN....

Posted by myth_old

it is working over wifi.. very well.

Posted by Mr Miyagi
do u have to have wifi in order for it to work?? is it wifi on ur handset u have to have??

Posted by gearoid111
Guys, I have been using it with wi-fi connections at cafes etc for over 2 months and I have only had occasional buffering problems.

The company promoting this is Irish and shows Irish RTE 1 and RTE 2 from time to time. Since Thursday, these 2 channels and sky news have disappeared.

I'm rather curious if there are any other companies out there doing the same or if anything like on-line TV streaming using UIQ3 applications is being planned for the immediate future.

Posted by BobaFett
this vomio is disappointing, why only thoe 3 channels? cnn loads so long and nothing happens, fashion tv is not really for my taste...

Posted by amanno1
Cnn don't work.

Posted by Nanu
I've had this on my P990 for some month's now and i never get more than 4 channels!

Posted by BobaFett
are there any other good sites for mobile tv?

Posted by kwabs2006

havent really tested it yet

but does it work on only se symbian?

as i walked thru the park yesterday,
i was wondering why frisbees look bigger and bigger the closer they get...
then it hit me!

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Posted by batesie
Not supported on the N95 then :-/

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Posted by BobaFett
seesm it only for the uk

Posted by kurapicak2
THX........i try it

Posted by Trev1982
I got vimio working on my p910i through my pc internet but its still waiting for network every ten seconds or so, channels are pretty lame but cool find

Posted by umerhayat
can i use it in pakistan

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Posted by Trev1982

On 2007-04-29 17:55:57, BobaFett wrote:
seesm it only for the uk


Posted by Trev1982
got 5 channels today still very dodgy connection though!!!

Posted by Tehy03
nice app, but it didn't work for me :/

Posted by suki_uk
Hey I got sky news yesterday - its very random......

Posted by Trev1982
random indeed, today i have

cnn int
dvd stream
fashion tv dvd
sky news
travel channel

still dodgy connection running through my broadband though anyone got a decent connection yet???

Posted by james99
Wow nice post like it
Samaaa TV Live Gemini TV Live
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