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Posted by kwyow
Anyone from anywhere can join for free to backup your contact/calendar/tasks/notes wirelessly on the go and manage them securely online with ease. More than just sync at http://www.o-sync.com

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Posted by glorfingal
looks good - better than the motorola "backup" affair.
Shame all I get is an error message when I try to sync - lets
see what they say !

Posted by kwyow
Should edit your device sync profile setting to have the 'server version' set to 1.1 instead of 1.2

For most SonyEricsson, the database for calendar and to-do is seperated into two. That is ./event for 'calendar' & ./task for 'to-do'.

Posted by glorfingal
thanks for that - I believe we are already talking about 810i's sending
1.2 without the ability to change it to 1.1

john.mills@rwenpower.com ?????

Posted by kwyow
Previously, the Server will return status code <513> to SyncML 1.2 speaking clients to request for version fall back to 1.1 during handshake.

However, there could be some devices unable to fall back when <513> status code is returned, or simply only speaks SyncML 1.2.

This causes the session to fail.

As such, The server now supports for SyncML protocol version 1.2

Another issue is when new device 1st time handshake with server, did not sent over user credentials, although it was keyed into the sync profile of the device.

The server will then return <407> to challenge the device to repeat the handshake with info for authentication.

Unfortunately, some devices did not return with info, resulting in session failure. ie. no more data coming from device after server returns 407 .

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