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Personalized Mobile Home Page - Feedback Welcomed

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Posted by carl4523

We have developed a new free service and would welcome your feedback/ comments and if members could help us with testing.

http://www.tiggdo.com allows you to consolidate Internet features into a personalized home page for your phone.

You personalize your phone's home page to display the information that is important to you.

E.g. you can add and personalize the following:

- Add your own RSS feeds
- General RSS Feeds
- Search RSS Feeds
- Transfer Notes from your PC
- Weather Reports
- Street Maps
- Traffic Reports
- Shopping and Product Reviews
- Upcoming Events
- Local Listings
- Stock Quotes
- Urban Dictionary
- Daily Horoscope
- Quotes Of the Day

etc etc

The service only works with phones that support WAP 2.0.

We would welcome your feedback and if you could let us know if your phone works with this service.

I apologise if this is not the right place for this.



Click to view updated thread with images

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