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HBH-200 replacement battery

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Posted by elsapo
Hi all,

I would like to replace my HBH-200 battery, that drains out quite fast now, but it's not possible to buy one in my hometown.
I've found a place in my country that has it, and it costs 20 Euros (10 for the battery and 10 for the work). The only problem is that I should go there by car, 150 Km x 2, and that will cost me just like buying a new headset!
The other option is to send it there, but it costs 20 Euros more...

Is there anyone that knows where to find it on the net?

Thanks in advance.


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Posted by vojta66
One friendly advice: buy a new bt headset. Better than try battery replacement with hbh 200
Got the same problem, and I have hbh 662 now and it is ok with my k750i.

Posted by elsapo

I do not really need another new BT headset, I have a HBH-20, that works perfectly afters years, a brand new HBH-600, an Anycom and a Nokia HS-3W.

Is't just because it looks like that the official SonyEricsson spare price is quite cheap (10 Euros) and even spending 10 Euros more for having it repaired by the service center sounds good.

The problem is just that the service center is far away from my hometown, and the s&h price is too expansive.

If it's possible to find the battery on the net, for something like 20 Euros delivered, that it's worth to do it...

Posted by elsapo
I've just found the battery type:

1/2 AAAA NimH batteries from GP (Golden Peak batteries in
HK). The battery code is GP15AAAAHT2X.

The HBH-200 hosts two batteries of that type...

Anyone knows a dealer???


Posted by mathios
try this here..... http://www.strikalite.co.uk/p[....]gable%5FNiCad%5FBatteries.html

Posted by mathios
look here too for tech specs http://www.gpina.com/pdf/30AAAAH.PDF

Posted by mathios
to tell you the truth my hbh-200 is having the same battery problems and l did a search and came up with these results.

Posted by elsapo
Got it!!! :-D:-):-D

I've found the italian GP official dealer phone number in the GP Hong Kong site and called them. They had given me the number of a shop in my hometown! The battery coast 5 Euro, and I've bought 4 of them, even if 2 are enough...
I won't be able to replace them 'till wednesday, in a few hours I'll be in the hospital with my wife! She'd been pregnant for 9 months... Now it's the time!

Thank everybody a lot.

Posted by elsapo
Do you still need your own country official dealer number/url, if available?


Posted by mathios
if I don't find any on the market here in my city I will order the batteries and they will be here in no time,but keep me posted on how and if the new batteries work, and by the way... congradulations on your newborn child....

Posted by elsapo
Did it!

Battery have been replaced, but the headset works now for only 25/30% more...
I did expect something more, but anyway the batteries are quite cheap and the job isn't a hard task.


Posted by efjay
Does anyone know where i can get these batteries in the US?

Posted by elsapo
Here it is:

Sales and Marketing

Gold Peak Industries (North America) Inc.

11235 West Bernardo Court
San Diego, CA92127-1638, USA
Tel : (1) 858-674 6099
Fax : (1) 858-674 6496 / 674 5883
E-mail : gpina@gpina.com
Website : www.gpina.com

Don BUCKLEY, President

GP Battery Marketing (Latin America) Inc.

8370 NW, 66th Street, Miami
FL 33166, USA
Tel : (1) 305-471 7717 Fax : (1) 305-471 7718
E-mail : gpmiami@gpmiami.com
Steve VEGA,Director

Posted by efjay
Thanks for the fast reply; checked out the site but you cant order direct from them or their partner site gpdirectusa.com. Also didnt find the battery listed on their site at all.

Posted by elsapo
The battery type is written on the battery itself, and it can be found in the hk site only (even though it has benn a little tricky, 'cause the search does not really work there!) , but as far as the battery could be found in my hometown, it means that you can buy it everywhere! I'm leaving in a small town...


That's what I did:

I've called my national GP supplier (you have the number of the US one now) and asked for a dealer in my town. They'd just give me am few numbers, actualy 3 numbers, and I've checked the addresses to call the one that is much closer to my home.
I've called and told them that I need a 1/2 AAAA NiMh battery (that's enough, since the GP15 is the only "1/2 AAAA" size one).
They just asked me if I needed a "fast replaceble" or a "solded" batteries set (the HBH-200 needs a "solded" set).
The dealer told me that it's even possible to replace the GP batteries with other brands batteries.

That's all!

Posted by alphaorion
I had the sae issue where batteries had reached the end of their usable lifetime. I searched for a while and this weekend I came upon a battery dealer in San Diego California, Battery Connection http://www.batteryconnection.com They are wholesale-oriented , but after calling the GP Industries North America telephone line, they referred me to these guys and they sold me a 5 pack for $19 including shipping, so it is definitely worth it to replace the batteries.

Posted by allgamer

Does anyone know who or where else might be carrying these batteries?

I want to replace the ones in my 660 as well.

i only need 2, but the minimum order is 200

if we can find enough people to commit it might be worthwhile to get 200 of them.

anyone need some spares?

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