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Posted: 2010-05-31 13:46
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I disagree with you completely on the point of SE being behind the competition in technology. SE was behind but not anymore.

AMOLED is no advantage when it trades sunlight legibility for a bright screen indoors. Why would one need a brighter screen indoor when the light is dim enough for even QVGA screens? Add to that the unrealistic colours of AMOLED compared to TFT and the former lags behind.

As for multitouch, that is something that is beginning to trickle down to all manufacturers. SE clearly picked the screen that doesn't support it on the X10 but th X10 mini's does support multitouch.

The X10 is still cutting edge in technological terms just like the Satio and Vivaz and pro.

SE's problem lies in software engineering, that is their major problem.

Where do you get that they are behind in technology?
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Posted: 2010-05-31 13:51
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I purchased a vivaz about a month ago and sold it within 2 weeks, its just too slow. The vivaz has got great features, its a nice size, has great hd recording and the camera takes very nice shots BUT its a real shame sony decided to use symbian because it really hurts the phone. The vivaz was my first touch experience and it was a nightmare, the os is ugly and the resistive screen did not help, compared to the iphone os it is a bus. I just recently purchased the x10 mini and android is a world apart, no more frustrations and slow downs. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra and get the x10 you wont regret it.

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Posted: 2010-05-31 18:19
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On 2010-04-28 12:41:05, superleeds27 wrote:
Have the choice of upgrade in the next few weeks with O2.

Not sure whether to get the Vivaz or X10.

What would you guys recomend?

Whats great about the X10 and what isn't?

Now I own a X10 and I do not like the look, its very plasticy and does not feel expensive in use. I would go for the Vivaz, sure its a little slow but it has HD recording and is much better looking than the X10, and more noticed
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Posted: 2010-05-31 18:31
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X10 of course. Most sexy looking phone ever Will get HD recording after update. Vivaz has nothing without HD recording
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Posted: 2010-05-31 20:05
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Vivaz has great camera, and great HD video in nice compact form factor, X10 has great screen, and much better Android OS, though, the version of Android on X10 is fairly prehistoric, Vivaz can be had much cheaper than X10 too.
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Posted: 2010-05-31 22:29
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X10 all the way for me, Vivaz is not as good as the Satio in my opinion, and the X10 knocks the Satio out of the water. Android even though it is an older version, is sooo much better than Symbian, which is slow buggy, limited apps and most are costly, android market has soo many free apps, the phone is soo much faster at doing anything, the Satio with its symbian software is slowed right down, even with the latest software. The only thing I miss on the X10 is the Satio's camera, love the sweep panorama, love the xeon flash, and the slider to open and close the camera.

GPS on the X10 blows the Satio away, lock is virtualy instant on the X10, but Satio can take minuites rather than seconds to get a lock, Built in browser on the Satio is hopeless, X10 is soo much smoother and quicker.

Not had much to do with music, but timescape and mediascape is brilliant, and can not wait to see what improvements SE bring to it in the update.

Messaging and phonebook on X10 look and perform soo much better on the X10 to the satio, only really miss the call and end keys from the satio, but once you are used to the X10 it becomes second nature.

Screen on X10 is so much nicer, as is the way to lock unlock the phone, Free google navigation is brilliant, email is a dream,

Bound to be something I have missed, but can not wait to get the X10 mini as well, and the camera features on the Satio will soon be forgoten, once it is sold.

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