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Author help needed on w880i
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Posted: 2009-08-01 16:39
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New to the forum and hoping someone can help.

I've bought a used handset off ebay and had it unlocked from t-mobile. I noticed a problem with the backlight which was taking approx 15 seconds to come on from rest. This may have been an existing issue but I didn't notice. Had a search in the menu and there seemed to be no way of changing the backlight settings

I then updated the software on the phone from the sony ericsson site thinking that may sort out the problem but all it seems to have done is to block the phone again. Spoke to the fella who unblocked it who explained that it would need unblocking again. ARRRGGGHHH

When I mentioned the backlight, he hinted that there may be a secret manufacturers menu in the phone where adjustments like this could be done. Do any of you know where this is located and be able to advise how to adjust the backlight timings? or have I simply bought a faulty handset????

PLEASE HELP. it's doing my head it.

Many thanks

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Posted: 2009-08-01 17:25
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