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Kosher mobiles

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Posted by axxxr
Via: timesonline

AN ISRAELI mobile phone company has brought out a handset to cater for the one-million-strong ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in an attempt to boost business.

"The “kosher” phone carries a stamp signifying its approval by rabbinical authorities, who will recommend haredi community members to take out contracts with MIRS Communication.

The Motorola handsets have been modified to disable internet access, SMS text services and video and voice-mail applications.

Growing concern that new-generation mobile phones could threaten the conservative, ultra-Orthodox values and way of life, particularly among the young, led to a rabbinical committee being formed to examine the issue.

Rabbis say that they are not against technology as a matter of course. But they fear that the latest feature-packed telephones coming to the market will provide the opportunity to access corrupting influences".

Sabbath rules prohibit writing, playing musical instruments, music, and using money or telephone. Some ultra-Orthodox rabbis forbid television and the internet as corrupting influences.

Posted by mustafabay
And people complained when Saudi Arabia banned camera phones. Not allowing SMS and voicemail is a little too much. I would understand not allowing MMS and internet.

Posted by neonismo
I remember when a kosher landline phone was invented for the same purpose. Instead of using buttons, it used a little magnetic stick that you would insert into a matrix of holes for the number keys - this somehow prevented "work" being done via some scientific/religious loophole. What a load of crap!

Posted by axxxr
The developers of the \"kosher phone\" are now looking beyond the religious enclaves of Israel.

The phones carrying the seal of approval from Israel's rabbinical authorities are stripped down to its original function: making and receiving calls. There's no text messaging, no Internet access, no video options, no camera. More than 10,000 numbers for phone sex, dating services and other offerings are blocked. A team of rabbinical overseers makes sure the list is up to date.

Talks are under way to introduce a kosher phone to Jewish communities in the United States and other nations possibly later this year. Israeli Arabs about 20 percent of the population have also taken notice of the phones as a possible option for those trying to protect conservative Islamic sensibilities.

Posted by *Jojo*
I don't think this will be called a 'celfone' after all . . . after 'removing' all those features It should be known as an 'elite' calculator . . .

Posted by max_wedge
Does that mean my old T28s is kosher? The only "non-kosher" item it had was text messaging. No camera, no picture messaging, no internet or email No nothin'

Posted by chili
I hope the rabbinical overseers don't forget to monitor all voice calls as well. Phone calls made in private can be a loophole in this whole kosher thing.

Personally, I think a mass lobotomy would be less complicated.

Posted by Luke-the-magic-man
why dont they just give em all nokias lol (old ones)

Posted by fatreg
basically its a Nokia philips savvy then?

you ever tried texting on them? nae on impossible!


Posted by max_wedge
It's really odd to me that a text message is considered non-kosher, yet actually speaking to someone on the phone is kosher??

I can understnad pictures, cameras, internet etc, but texting?

Posted by fatreg

On 2006-04-04 21:45:05, fatreg wrote:
basically its a Nokia philips ?

nokia philips?? wtf was i on?


Posted by max_wedge
dunno mate, but are ya gonna share?

Posted by axxxr
The maker of kosher phones will offer a yiddish verbal navigation system.


The voice navigation is based on an integrated application in the \"kosher\" cellular device – Motorola 760i. Verbal directions will be given in a male voice as well as visual location according to the address alone, as opposed to other navigational devices in which one can also search for places of entertainment.

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