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Orange K700 SEUS problem at 56%

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Posted by Squads
I have a K700 on an orange contract. I've used the Sony Ericsson online update service to move from R2C to R2L and now from R2L to the new R2AE033.

The process works fine until it gets to "Updating Device" (the important bit!) It progresses to 56% then the light on the DSS-25 flashes off and on again and a message is displayed "Error in communication with device" then "Remove battery and re-insert".

The phone is fine, it turns on again and works as normal, the firmware displays as the new R2AE, the phonebook search feature has updated. But it only got to 56% !!

Why is it doing this? I've done it four times now. Is it ok to leave the phone as upgraded? But it only got to 56%?

Thanks for your help.

Posted by Squads
Ok, NOW its a problem.

I can't use the camera- "Wrong camera driver version (3.9). Please update camera driver to 3.10 or later." This is displayed whenever i open then camera.

This must mean some other stuff from the update wasn't installed properly either.

Any ideas to fix this guys?

Posted by Sebby
Is it possible you can try flashing it on another computer, perhaps using the recovery option?

Posted by gbrooks3

So basically what happen was that phone was upgraded with new Firmware however the FS part (SFA) of update did not work.

i think possible dead flash chip!

However maybe a full FS flash would help - try using davinciteam. If it fails again 99% dead flash.

Posted by Squads
@ gbrooks3

Thanks for you post, but i dont know what you mean? What is a dead card flash and what does that mean. The upgrade stopped at 56% so surely some bits (the other 44%) of the new firmware are not installed yet? Also could you elaborate on your other points for me?

Sorry to be dumb...?

Posted by Squads
Right, i uninstalled the SE software from my PC (the client thingy and the update software) and re-downloaded and installed the whole thing. Then tried update again, says the phone is already up to date but its not cos the camera is wrong driver version (as above post) so i carried on anyway. Still no luck, sticks at 56%.

So now i updated in again, this time in recovery mode. The DSS-25 light flashed off and back on again at 56%, but the message didnt come up to say that the communication woth the device was lost. Instead it jumped to 88% and then completed as normal.

The camera is now working and the firmware says R2AE033, can someone please confirm that all of the upgrade is now installed? Here is all of the information from "Service Info" > "Software Info" (>*<<*<*) -


LCD SW versions
Main display
Current: 200406041

Camera SW versions
Current: 3.10

ITP SW version
CXC 125 813 R1T

CDA 102298/22 R26A
cxc125822 R2AE033

Does this mean that the firmware is now properly installed? I would really appreciate if someone could let me know whether the phone is sorted now or if there may still be some problems, many thanks.

Posted by poutsaras
The firmware is for sure installed!

Posted by Squads
Thank you, thats a relief!

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