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Davinci Unlock/SEUS Upgrade

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Posted by count0zero
I have a UK branded K700i and DSS-25 and would like to debrand/upgrade. These are my questions:

The Davinci software says unlock, is this just unlock to allow other networks or does it mean de-branding?

After an unlock (which hopefully means debrand) using Davinci would it then be possible to use the SE update service to upgrade the firmware for free?

Any advice on other services I can use and anyone who can sell me some credits would be welcome.



Posted by gbrooks3

No, unlocking is different from decustomizing. However davinci offers both.

After the upgrade you will be unable to use SEUS unless you change the CDA to a generic one.

Posted by jdg
whats a CDA? and how do you change it to a generic one?

Posted by count0zero
I would also like to know that. Good question

Posted by soulchild111
i managed to download that program. but it says invalid username and password. so how do i gt those two things(preferble a free option )

Posted by gbrooks3

CDA is like a label that identifies your phone and some of its properties for example - Languages.

I am not sure if www.davinciteam.com can change the cda but i assume it can as this is quite basic.

Also, for you information: - the are to main sections in SEMC firm.

1. Main Firmware
2. File system

Davinci will use a full file system image to flash i assume. However SEUS uses SFA - which is part of the file system but only contains bug fixes and languages, ideal for upgrading quickly.

Problems occur when phone is unbranded/upgraded with server with a CDA that labels the phone with different languages that is actually in the phone. So when upgrading with SEUS - some weird things may happen - so CDA is very important.

Posted by Vlammetje
I was under the impression that flashing with davinci already provides a CDA that is supported by SEUS?

Posted by pau1777
Can you unlock using a DSS-20/25 station?
I thought you could only unlock using the t28 data cable!

Posted by 619
www.davinciteam.com new software can change cda.. many people has problem with seus upgrade...

you can use setool or davinciteam to upgrade your phone.. easier and forget the cda thingie

but it's not free compared to seus

now, the qeustion.. what/which no. should be the cda for each phone

Posted by Sebby
@ 619


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