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Z1010 '3' questions?

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Posted by peterpan211
Unbranded a Z1010 - im getting one imported and its been unlocked - but its branded by '3' im not bothered about the badge on the front but i dont particularly like there software - if i unbrand the phone:

a) will it remove all their branding ie put the phone like it was bought from SE
b) does it change the internet key on the phone??? or do i need to connect to the internet via the menu...???

Posted by emanuelj
Yes it will be exactly as an unbranded one.

Posted by peterpan211
Thank you - well i know the first thing ill be doing when it arrives

he he he - unbranding here i come

Posted by Qoastro
I've unlocked mine and it works fine. Just remember to update the firmware. It can be done at Star and squeere(:p stjärna fyrkant, *#) for free. They take your phone for a day and you get it back updated the next. But every time you flash your phone the 3 gifs and the 3 theme comes back.

Posted by BobaFett
take care, with an unbranded fone u dont have access to the 3zone ( i mean the free page of them ), actually, i couldnt make it.

Posted by ThreeX
It works with 3 SE.. strange
of course you will have to have the correct settings and stuff.

Posted by CybaCowboy
I don't know where you bought YOUR Z1010 from, but the 3 Australia version of the Z1010 isn't all that heavy on the branding...

The 3 Australia branding ONLY consists of:
* 3 logo stickers in place of the the "Quick Share" logo stickers
* 3 Australia's GPRS and MMS settings built-in and locked from deletion or modification
* An animated 3 logo as the start-up image, in place of the default Sony Ericsson animation
* A 3 theme, screen-saver and wallpaper built-in (these can be changed, but not deleted)

Posted by CybaCowboy
Oh yeah- it also has:
* 3's "tri-star" logo on the "operator" key, in place of whatever the Sony Ericsson's default "operator" key logo is...
* 3's SyncML settings built-in, locked from deletion

Strangely, my 3-branded Z1010 is 100% vodafone live! (Australia) compatible; furthermore, the Z1010 is ONLY available in Australia in its 3-branded form, from 3!

I've successfully accessed the vodafone live! home page AND downloaded a variety of content...

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