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James Bond Ringtone

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Posted by fanosc
I am looking for a really good James Bond Ringtone
I have goot the Origanal and the Moby version, but not that good.
A friend of my have a NEC e313 3G phone and that has a brilliant Jmaes bond Ringtone but is can not be sent
Can anyone help

Posted by baseballfanz
You want MP3?
Click here
There are 30 sec. clips in mp3, it sounds very good.

If it weren't for bad lucks, I would have no lucks at all.

My P900/910 Themes

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Posted by fanosc
Got this CD
No not the one im looking for

Posted by syntax
The James Bond MIDI Page has plenty of midi files to download if you want to keep file sizes down. Or are you looking for mp3's specifically? IMO a Midi ringtone sounds just as good if not better than an mp3.

Posted by kinc
Use the walmart site for 30 sec mp3 clips, most albums are on the site

Posted by marlonski
Nice link baseballfanz

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