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Posh content for your mobile

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Posted by axxxr
Via: NetImperative

The mobile content world is awash with smut and content aimed at the youth market. But new website Candyspace aims to change all that, reports Netimperative.

"Some of the UK's biggest creative names have signed up to a new website offering quality content for mobile devices.

Candyspace.tv is a "whitespace" gallery featuring, at launch, some 100 pieces of work by artists, designers, animators and filmmakers all created specifically for the mobile medium.

The idea is to offer those people that want to personalise their mobile phones a high-class alternative to the slew of content previously available, much of it porn or aimed purely at the youth market.

Contributors to Candyspace so far include Nick Thornton-Jones and Warren du Preez, Airside, Jasper Goodall, Mr Bingo, Basher, Insect, Viagrafik, Scary Girl, Big Active, Marcus Tomlinson, Erwan Frotin and The Stuckists.

The site is being curated by British Vogue magazine's creative director Robin Derrick, while creative heavyweights Peter Saville and Malcolm Garrett have acted as creative consultants.

Work from the site can be purchased via credit card subscription and, as per usual for a mobile content site, is delivered by SMS direct to customers' phones.

The site will also feature limited edition work which will be protected with a unique ID number and wrapped in an application that prevents sending the image from phone to phone.


Posted by voda_jon
i have jus purchased a wallpaper and a vid and all i can say is they r superb... and one of the only sites on the web that seems to support even the latest handsets as soon as they r released... yes i know £2 is a lot to pay but trust me they look amazin on the fone....

Posted by scotsboyuk
What a dashed smart website! Just the sort of thing I have been looking for, content that is worth the price paid for it. The prices might be higher than the standard network charges, but I am quite willing to pay more for something original and creative.

Posted by ThreeX
Luckily the mp3“s were found in Opera“s cache folder..
*cheapskate, i know..*

Posted by scotsboyuk
I have just downloaded one of the pictures and it looks jolly good on my V800.

"I may be drunk my dear woman, but in the morning I will be sober, and you will still be ugly." WSC

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Posted by Caveman
Thank goodness the title 'Posh Content' has nothing to do with Victoria Beckham

Posted by govigov
You guys saying this website is good? It is worth is someone reimburses your bill.

Posted by scotsboyuk

Am I to assume that it isn't to your taste?

Posted by govigov
(I havent seen it yet.) But my policy is to never pay for soft stuff.

Posted by scotsboyuk

People have spent time creating the content on that website, they should receive some reimbursment for their efforts.

Posted by govigov

i agree. and i am not camaigning against it.

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