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School Kids and MMS Sex.

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Posted by dj_wolfinstein
Well, I hope the moderators don't mind..Just wanted some public opinion on this sensational news currenty on in India.

Two students of Delhi Public School, RK-Puram made a sexual MMS which contained sexual content. The Video was then MMS'sd by the boy to various friends spread across Delhi..
The school has resticated those two and suspended 8 others for bringing cell phones.
The news channel NDTV and Times of India published the story a few days back, You can read the same at there websites.

The point here I want to ask is..That have we moved forward with technology and forgotten our value's or are we moving backwards...
Most of the clubs and resturants have banned camera phones in the USA ..What according to esatonians should a new moral code be regarding Camera Phones.

This is just a thought..If you can give a good reply then do so, love to hear the community talk on something apart from Nokia Bashing and Mobile-O-Logy...lol..


Posted by PeterKay
Technology can be used for good reasons and in some cases bad.

Some people use TV's to watch Charlies Angels and some use their TV's to watch Charlies Anals, which is a Pornographic movie

The technology is out there - it's down to the user whether it's good or bad

Posted by masseur
I was watching Click online last night (you can view the program from the bbc web site too) and they were talking about 3G and it seems the biggest uses will be adult entertainment and gambling, much like what has made the internet a success

Posted by PeterKay
Adult entertainment seems to be a big hit, most TV adverts nowadays show more flesh than ever and the products seem to be selling due to the ads being too eye-catching, or so they say!

"The devil makes work for idle thumbs"

Posted by semo

What's wrong with a sexual MMS?
Is it worse than showing killing and chopping of flesh in 'normal' movies?
Just turn on your TV for 5 minutes and scan the channels - you'll see a detailed murder for sure.
And violent computer games... everyone plays them, but no school is concerned about it.
And when we see another mass murder in a school it is of course because of sexual MMS...
I think the world is going in a very wrong direction with it's fake moral values.

Posted by methylated_spirit
I have to say i dont find this a very newsworthy item...it goes on every day, people video themselves on their phones having sex. Just because these two are still at school doesnt make it any more interesting, does it?

Posted by PeterKay
Must be difficult recording yourself having sex.

Might give it a try

Posted by energetic
Since mobiles are turning like miniature computers I believe that in the future whatever happens in computers will happen to mobiles. Its like masseur mention before. I agree with him.

Posted by jplacson
I think all this celfone banning is so idiotic. I mean, I for one hate it when someone's phone goes off in the movies despite the LARGE "PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELFONES" before the movies starts... but honestly... can you seriously stop technology?

We have to either find a solution around it, or risk crippling the communication, or other industries.

I for one hate it when I have to check my celfone at some stupid front desk. That's dumb... unless they insure it (which they don't), F*** that.

But that's progress right? sigh... we have to learn to live with it. Just like those riceboys with their loud speakers blaring at 2am. Or SPAM. Or the abundance of porn on the internet.

These are evils that come with the technology. ALL progress has good and bad sides... ALL of it. Genetics, medicine, psychology, music, electronics... everything can be used for both good and bad.

What we lack is the responisibility to control our immature urges. Everything now a days is "gimme gimme gimme", or "now now now"... well... we got it. We got it all. Kids now have access to information that most military top brass have access to. They have access to all the latest porn from all over the world. And is there anyone telling them which one is right and wrong? No...of course not. It's all the gov't responsibility to take on the role of the parent... I mean, why should the REAL parents be burdened with raising their own children. I mean, considering that a child can sue, or even divorce their own parents... the moral guide of all children should be infallible gov't and all the incorruptible officials running the show right!

Let's give them all the information, and all the 'freedom'..sans the responisibilities!

Posted by energetic
Well... technology has its positive and negatives.

And I'll give you a simple example. From the moment almost every kid at school started using a mobile, calculations are done with their mobiles. I mean the old generation know how to make calculations + - x and / with our minds. But new generation now dont know how to use their brain to calculate, but they use their mobiles. This is a fact and not fiction.

Also before mobiles even existed I could remember a lot of telephone numbers, but know since everything is stored into our mobiles/pda I dont bother remember them so many.

Posted by methylated_spirit
As technology gets smarter, the majority will get lazier, and stupider.

EDIT: hehe, Stupider, that aint even a word See? The rot has started!

Hello, Scroto!

615 green bottles hanging on the wall...

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Posted by hyperken
technology is good only the person that who use it is BAD !!!!

those ppl with resposiblity or civilized will use it for good purpose while the other abused it !!!!!

Posted by fetzi
technology is good only the person that who use it is BAD !!

yep. And guns donīt kill people. Itīs people killing people.

let it go, no responsibility.. not always THAT easy.
But surely computers arenīt weapons in the first place

Posted by jadeparfait
Actualy v live in a hypocrite wrld. Certain nations hv diff tolerance levels :-( Eg., india vs sweden n wht i dunt understand is v r human beings so v create d rules n v break em n v condemn ppl who break dem. Who r those who created d very same rules ? Only those who didn lyk dem or those who were fed up of doing those in excess ! We shudn make a fuss of those rule breakers bt understnd whts in their minds ;-)

Posted by Ayush

Posted by goldenface
How old were the pupils? I don't think the teenagers should be condemed. They didn't kidnap and rape anyone did they? They had a bit of fun with a mobile phone. They are young. We have all been young at some time. The only reason this is shocking is because they got caught. Boys will be Boys, as they say. .

Posted by kimcheeboi

if it was consensual and there was no malicious intent in recording the video (blackmail etc) then what's wrong with it?

I bet a lot of these adults who are up in the government condemning kids for this sort of behavior look at the odder sort of porn sites hehe

There's also no point in banning phones everywhere--people with an intent to look up skirts will do so, whether its with a phone or a mirror. Sure, camera phones, ahve made it easier to take and then immediately email these pics, but won't the people who do this stuff do it anyway (albeit not by phone)? I hate it when people try to blame phones for people being perverts--we're that way naturally

Posted by neonismo
But seriously, whats the difference between sending an MMS to your mates in class, posting it on the internet, or photocoping a physical photo? The intent to humiliate results in the act, the technology is only the medium.

This message was posted from a K700i

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Posted by joecool
this is so random...

Posted by blackspot
Random indeed!

It's like nuclear fission/fusion - you can make a power plant or a nuclear bomb.

Merry Christmas!

Posted by Ayush
@golden they were seventeen. Pretty normal i'd say

Posted by kimcheeboi
I don't think we're losing our values, it's that sex isn't such a taboo and hush hush issue anymore and we're more able to acknowledge the way we are. Reminds me of brave new world hehe

Posted by masseur
guys, this is not a "whats your favourite porno movie thread"
edit: I've removed those posts now

lets get back on topic.

I've seen the video in question now and I do think that far too much fuss is being made but maybe we here cannot comment on the moral standards over in India

Unless I'm very much mistaken...
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Posted by methylated_spirit
Is it the usual fuzzy, poorly lit crap you get on a mobile then? Yeah i guess your right, but that still doesnt explain the fuss being made in other, morally bankrupt countries such as the UK

Posted by *Jojo*
. . . Advancements in TECHNOLOGY has it's SETBACKS/NEGATE results as well !

Posted by amnesia
if they dont send an mms they'll just bring in mags, pics anything!
Guys just do that in school.
Banning mobiles since they shouldn't be used in school is another thing though.

Posted by kimcheeboi
yeah back in high school (when no one had a color phone even) i remember we had a pretty healthy trade in porno mags, dvds, and vhs'es going WE also had a cheating ring (long story)

and remember i went to a private christian school

It's not the cell phone that causes people to look at porn, so why ban cell phones?! Lots of people disapprove of porn, cheating, etc--i understand that, but i don't see the logic in banning phones. Why not ban calculators, PDAs, two-way radios, cameras, pencils, papers, and the whole lot since these make cheating and looking at porn easier?

Posted by methylated_spirit
Agreed. "In my day we didnt even have calculators".

Well, guess what grandad, they used to not have paper or pencils either, but i bet you didnt get bitched at by your elders for using them!

There is a point to be made, though. If the kids in question didnt have a camera phone, would they have snuck in a camcorder to make the video? I doubt it. So there is an argument for banning camera phones, even thought this is an isolated incident.

Posted by dj_wolfinstein
Well, Some Intresting Points...

Firstly..This MMS was clicked by Two Minors,Students of Delhi Public School, Ayush rightly puts there age at 17-16 or so..
The Boy made this video by making the girl beleive that while she was doing what she was doing, he was watching porn on his mobile..So this candid moment was recorded...on Nokia 7610.
Now to have some fun, the Boy MMS his class-mates and so on a chain started..Till they Hit Prime time news...

Secondly, About the question where countries have traditional values or ones that are morally bankrupt. I would like to say that, well its not a matter of being corrupt or not..Certain behaviour's such as sexual should be contained either in oneself or in consenting people, Why spread the word around " Hey We are Sexual, We have Sex"..
India is Open in many ways and Traditional in some...Women here are respected..But that does not stop some set of people who rape,set them in prostitution etc..So what should be made is that,At least keep certain sets of rules or morality...otherwise verysoon were going to go back to being primative..

Thirdly,Ya when I was in high school we did get porn magzines, traded a few VCD or hell smoked joints in the alley..But we never abused our freedom, nor did we take matters into this extent..

Fourthly, The poor girl's father has tried to commit suicide 2 times after this incident, She has now been sent to canada..as for the boy nothing is known..The girls life is ruined here..The MMS Video clearly shows her Face and her being Topless...So whose fault is it the Father who paid from his earinings to buy the kids cell-phones with which they abused there freedom, The girl who consented to a person who was looking for a good time and not a commited relationship ( She trusted the wrong person), The Boy who ruined the life of the girl..!


Posted by methylated_spirit
It certainly puts a different slant on things...

Posted by anish
Over and above what @dj_wolfinstein said above this boy apparently charged his friends for this MMS and the reason was that they broke up a couple of days after he recorded this. So money was also involved in this.

Posted by neonismo

Hmm.. thats a bit too harsh isn't it? My post was edited!

That abuse of power borders on Censorship !

Posted by p900 lover
ok i just want to know i thing, who here that has a camera fone has NOT sent a rude picture video????

the point im trying to make it that its not a big deal, tennagers will be teenages and i know cos im 16 myself and have done things like this, (not quite filming me havng sex but along the lines) lol

Posted by neonismo
@p900 lover

Oh no.. that just brings a whole new meaning to your name!

But seriously, I'm sure we've all done this once before. It's kinda easy to get carried away in a moment of passion with your lover.

It's just the tenuous situation you're left in when your loved on goes cactus, and you realised that she's the one who has all those cheeky photos of you with your various bits dangling about. Last thing you want it to see your bare ass in your mates' inbox.

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Posted by vineet_d
Truly inspired by @dj_wolfinstein i would like to confess that i too had helped to spread that video among the friends but then i thought for a while and was really worried as what had actually happened to that girls parents, what will be the situation at her home...this is really bad but can we blame that girl or that guy did he sent the mms just for the girl had dumped him and he wanted a revenge he is just 17 yrs old, or he did as if he wanted to do this from day one...its really hard to find the answers, think of this incident had left impact on the mind of parents whose children are already studying school and are of same age group.

Posted by fetzi
he is just 17 yrs old

neither that age nor the will for revenge can excuse blinding out someones mind that much. At least a least peace of sanity should cause someone to reflect what effect it would take installing a TV in the school with the same movie featuring him as headliner - and this similar effect was pretty predictable.. (though I can only guess the film's content)

Pop! Goes The Hamster... And Other Great Microwave Games

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Posted by dj_wolfinstein
Well, Intresting thoughts..!
Here's an update..The prinicpal of the institution is under fire these days, Not only has she become from a very emminent educationist to a loser..!
Her Student council has said that her decision was too harsh..She should have not resticated the two from school. To add more to that the council also says that since the video was clicked at home its not the school's problem..Well two points here..Since the kids were wearing the school uniform, Is the school justified in removing them from school.
The school states one of the points to remove those two is that a negative influence may be casted among the other children,Some parents also objected..So what would have been the right decision...?

Secondly, Yes Money was involved the MMS ( 12 min)version was sold for Rs.1000 at least thats like $ 22.22. To add to that the video is available on VCD at local shopping arenas for 40 rupees a CD, thats Less than a dollar in conversion.
So Commercial aspect is not ruled out..The video has spread from India to Canada..I had a friend email me about it..!

I happened to see another gruesome video, This one was a Taliban Militia Be-heading a hostage..Man this guy was shouting for help and the miltants was reading some anti-US message in Arabic..then suddenly this guy starts cutting the throat of the hostage,Its shown all blood and Cutting procedure..That poor fellow's scream is still hitting me..Another Misuse of MMS Technology..Any Voices..


Divyam Johri

Posted by fetzi
always two sides of the story - or technical inventions.

atomic energy can (and was) be used for more than one purpose..

Posted by k4m!k4ze
Well do you think that girl would be able to face her classmates after the video has circulated all over India and foreign countries too ? Her shift to canada i think is best for her.

Her arrogant comments to the principal is i think the major reason she got expelled.

I saw the Taliban video you mentioned and it is really disturbing . The fact that there are such brutal people in the world who have no hesitation in cutting other people's throats is really shocking. I didnt know that was circulated thru mms.

Posted by Gigs
All media technology can be misused.. I personally think the most gruesom thing i've seen was when the media were showing poeple jumping out of or trapped in the World Trade Towers.. There was no need to show that I believe, those were peoples family members. (before the towers fell, after they were hit)

In this case, the school does have some right I would imagine to remove them, I'll bet the video turned up and was shown on more than a couple of phones at the school and if they were clearly displaying which school they came form there would be a concern from the school that it initially happened on school property. (Parental reaction etc..)

2 dumb teens who got caught and now have to live with it basically.

Posted by blayv

On 2004-11-30 14:35:22, semo wrote:
What's wrong with a sexual MMS?
Is it worse than showing killing and chopping of flesh in 'normal' movies?
Just turn on your TV for 5 minutes and scan the channels - you'll see a detailed murder for sure.
And violent computer games... everyone plays them, but no school is concerned about it.
And when we see another mass murder in a school it is of course because of sexual MMS...
I think the world is going in a very wrong direction with it's fake moral values.

This is exactly my point. Nowadays if a movie has bloodbathing scenes it's categorised as 13+, and if there are some sexual scenes 18+.
Now I'm asking myself does that imply that 13 year olds should be (as by public law declares) aware of existance of murders, violence etc. BUT NOT OF SEX?!!
And does that mean it's worse to have sex than to kill a man?

Posted by punkserb
it seems to be a topic many parents are embarrassed to talk about and too lazy to try. raising children now seems to be a responsibility of the government, media, schools, etc. basically anyone but the parents.

remember school shootings? marilyn manson was blamed, not shitty parenting.

Posted by Ayush
Only the any should've been expelled as he took candid shots without her knowledge. It's just like the american pie movie!

Posted by jplacson
That's another thing I find F***** up with out 'morals'. Why is it ok to kill and not have sex?

Why is it ok to show kids mass murders... destruction... mayhem... senseless violence... but it isn't ok for them to see a naked human... or even worse... Ooooo... naked people having sex!!! THE HORROR!!!

But a man's head being blown off by a shotgun is fine. A man eating another man's brains is fine. A machine gun tearing through 1,000 people is fine.

When did it become better to make war and not love?

Posted by dw
Surley it would be wrong to start banning mobiles because
a boy films a girl using a mobile, it's wrong but it's the easy way out blaming mobilephones for it.
These things have happened long before mobilephones was equiped with cameras ..videocameras has existed a long time, you can also go out and buy a 'teddycam' (build in camera in teddybear with alot better quality then a mobile)
theres lots of possibilitys to do stupid things like this.
Banning/blaming mobilephones for these kinda acts are going the wrong way about solving the problem.
And to take things futher....I have a hard time beliving the kids would't have had sex if they didn't have a mobile...hey newsflash kids have had sex alot longer then mobiles existed.

As a sidenote about technology.
Not only technology invented in the purpose of good is
being used for bad things.
Alot of our really good technologys was initially made
for bad things (war) and then evolved to civil purposes.

But parents and school often wants to find the easy way
out..meaning blame some technology like internet or mobilephones instead of taking responsaility them self
and really think of what they can do to make a diffrence.

A good example is when parents managed to ban the cartoon darkwing duck from swedish television because
a boy in school kicked another boy and managed to brake his leg. The mother blamed darkwing... noone meantioned that perhaps it was her and the fathers responsability not to use the TV as babysitter and let
their children watch whatever.
The news shows alot more violence in the middle of the day...so should be ban that to.

It's sick the lengt ppl go not to take responsability for their life and their childerens actions...it's so much easier to find something like technology to blame.

Posted by fetzi
I just wonder when itīs going to start in US to file lawsuits against film producers and even musicians for seducing their children to whatever..
Theyīre already playing wrestling (as most of all people did like cowboys and Indians or something like this), what will be when more children explore the fun of playing roadrunner and coyote? Or any else cartoons? Tom and Jerry?

But Iīm misguiding the thread..

Posted by kimcheeboi
guys a lot of the whole sex vs. violence thing started with the church

sex was condemned as 'original sin' but violence was only a product of original sin and its also supposedly an 'instrument of god' at times, too

Posted by fetzi
I guess sex & crime went along long before any chruch or even religion was founded..

Posted by kimcheeboi
no actually a lot of ancient religions and cultures were very open about sex and it wasnt considered a vice at all

for example the greeks didn't see sex the way we did--not only was sex widely accepted throughout their society but a lot of things we term deviant behavior were just regular parts of life

Posted by *Jojo*
SEX is not a SIN, nor a vice (I guess) . . . it is a NATURAL thing, just like when you are EATING FOOD in order to SURVIVE ! It is PART and PARCEL of Human Evolution . . . Unless, you are doing it with a - Dog, Cat, Cow, Pig etc. !

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