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Network parameters for GPRS connections

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Posted by herboan
Network parameters for GPRS connections

the list works like this:
Network operator,
Modem properties:,"extra settings"
Additional AT commands,
Telephone number,
TCP/IP settings,IP address, only if not dynamic,
TCP/IP settings:DNS 1, only if not,dynamic,
TCP/IP settings:DNS 2, only if not,dynamic,
TCP/IP settings:IP header compression,
Connection user name,(if na= not needed)
Connection Password,(ifna = not needed)

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Posted by ak2g
nice one herboan

Posted by herboan
Thanks but I do not know if everything is 100 % correct.
I rarely check GPRS availability in China

Posted by edouard_bi
i leave in france. i wonder where could i enter the parameters you gave on the forum? on my T39M , on my PC ... ??

Can you describe me the way to use a gprs connection in france , even if orange has not launch its service gprs yet??;; !



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Posted by john74
do you have Greeces Panafon-Vodafone!!!

Posted by GOwin
This is the best example of where you should NOT QUOTE the original message.

Please don't quote it, it makes reading difficult.

Herboan, takes for putting up the list. Really helpful.

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Posted by laffen
I've removed the quoted text from edouard_bi's reply.

And I agree. Large listings like in herboan's post should not be quoted.

Posted by Diego
I have a T68 and my operator is Telefonica Movistar (Spain). My mobile's e-mail doesn't work and i don't understand the codes you have posted in this page.
Can someone explain me step by step how can i configure my t68 e-mail

Posted by jh67

On 2002-01-27 09:55, Diego wrote:
I have a T68 and my operator is Telefonica Movistar (Spain). My mobile's e-mail doesn't work and i don't understand the codes you have posted in this page.
Can someone explain me step by step how can i configure my t68 e-mail

Diego : these settings are basically used when connecting thrue a e.g. pda, using the phone as a modem.
Try and follow me on this one

First you have to do this :
Go to :
choose > data-account
choose > add new account
choose > gprs-data
Type a name : Internet
Choose APN-name > Internet

SAVE these settings.

Now a text will tell, that a gprs account have been made.

Now you need to make the email-settings.

Go to :
text-messages (sms-messages)
Choose > settings
choose > E-mail
Choose > name new account
choose > Add new
write a name (could be "email")
Choose > connect through
Choose > Internet

choose > pop3 server (write your internet/email pop3 server name.)

choose > pop3 port
write : 110

choose > user-id (box)
write your email username
choose > password
write your email password

Choose > smtp-server :
Write your phone-operators smtp-ip-adress.

choose > smtp-port :
write : 25

choose > email-adress
Write your email adress.

In the next one, put your name.

And you can add a signature.

And copy mails.

And ask the phone to search for new mail every xxx minutes.

The settings are basically the same. as the ones on your computer (internet/email settings)


Posted by Diego
Thanks but it doesn't work and the configuration i send to my t68 from the sonyericsson neither.
Solution = Kill myself

Posted by midasevents
I am in some big trouble looks like...help needed urgently.
I am from mumbai(india)on bpl mobile network wwhich has just launched gprs.
though the setting up on the mobile has got me started on using gprs on my t68 but i am unable to connect on my laptop after doing all the settings required.
i use bluetooth on my laptop so when i dial the moble dials the no...says conecting and then it says gprs request rejected.
When i spoke to a very knoledgeble technical person from the moble company he said this problem is with all the t68 users because t68 is sending some unwanted signals to the network(i dont know wether i should believe him or not as when gprs is working perfectly on the phone)the gentlemen says that t68 is making a patch for the same and they are awaiting it.(thats funny when all you guys out here can use it )I have a log file too which i am attaching ...someone knoledgeble please help help help...(100s of my friends facing the same problem in india..mumbai city)
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Ericsson T68 Bluetooth (TM) Modem in use.
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Modem type: Ericsson T68 Bluetooth (TM) Modem
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Modem inf path: ERIT68.INF
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Modem inf section: Modem3
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - 115200,N,8,1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - 115200,N,8,1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - 115200,N,8,1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Initializing modem.
02-10-2002 04:29:19.30 - Send: AT
02-10-2002 04:29:19.41 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:19.41 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:19.41 - Send: AT &F
02-10-2002 04:29:19.61 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:19.61 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:19.61 - Send: AT V1E0S0=0&D2&C1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.64 - Recv: AT V1E0S0=0&D2&C1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.72 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:19.72 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:19.72 - Send: AT +CMEE=1
02-10-2002 04:29:19.93 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:19.93 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:19.93 - Send: ATS7=255;+DS=3,0,2048,32;+IFC=1,1;
02-10-2002 04:29:20.01 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:20.01 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:20.01 - Send: AT+CGDCONT=2,"IP","bplgprs.com"
02-10-2002 04:29:20.12 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:20.12 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:20.12 - Dialing.
02-10-2002 04:29:20.12 - Send: ATD;
02-10-2002 04:29:20.20 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:20.20 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:20.21 - Dialing.
02-10-2002 04:29:20.21 - Send: ATD*##***##
02-10-2002 04:29:21.37 - Recv: CONNECT
02-10-2002 04:29:21.37 - Interpreted response: Connect
02-10-2002 04:29:21.37 - Connection established at 115200bps.
02-10-2002 04:29:21.37 - Error-control off or unknown.
02-10-2002 04:29:21.37 - Data compression off or unknown.
02-10-2002 04:29:22.76 - Hanging up the modem.
02-10-2002 04:29:22.76 - Hardware hangup by lowering DTR.
02-10-2002 04:29:23.83 - Send: ATH
02-10-2002 04:29:23.88 - Recv: OK
02-10-2002 04:29:23.88 - Interpreted response: Ok
02-10-2002 04:29:23.88 - 115200,N,8,1
02-10-2002 04:29:24.89 - Session Statistics:
02-10-2002 04:29:24.89 - Reads : 291 bytes
02-10-2002 04:29:24.89 - Writes: 349 bytes
02-10-2002 04:29:24.89 - Ericsson T68 Bluetooth (TM) Modem closed.

Posted by noc
Herboan - can you tell me if I can roam from the States with a VoiceStream SIM card, put the appropriate settings in for the carrier I'm roaming on and get to the web via GPRS? I've been told this may not be possible.

Posted by herboan
I am sorry to tell you this but....

Roaming in GPRS is not possible.
They do not know how to bill somebody because you pay per data and not per time.
So the software for the accounting can tell you how many minites a foreign customer phoned in the network but not how many data was exchanged.

Perhaps in near future roaming in GPRS is possible but not jet.

Posted by ja@mx
For Mexico's Telcel GSM
AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",,"internet.itelcel.com",*99***2# dynamic dynamic dynamic no webgrps webgprs2002


Posted by riflogic
herbaon>> GPRS roaming is available from my network (Vodafone UK) in the European region (EU and some other countries)

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Posted by mediwap
Good morning iam kamal i would like parametre gprs in morroco thanks kamal

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