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FS: S700

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Posted by Wolf_King
20 S700's to go, looking to sell fairly quickly

PM or Post if interested

Posted by MikLSP
Try giving the following & u may get more response:
-are u willing to meet for collection

Posted by handymobilez uk
yep same here are they sim free, how much each, where you located, i can buy the lot from you but need more details thanks

Posted by Leks
Any pics?

Posted by 701
Now u've scared him off:-D

Posted by Leks

Posted by shorty
You guys are such savages

Posted by MikLSP
If he's been scared off then it was a scam! If he's honest then he has nothing to hide

Posted by Merovingian
look at his postcounter

Posted by Lynx69
Lol, he was also trying to sell other phones aswell if you look at his actualy posts.

Posted by *Jojo*
Maybe his 20 units were already sold - that faaaaast !

Posted by Wolf_King
Sorry peeps, been out of town. My 'postcounter' was at respectable 150 on my other account, hacked and i never retreived password. 12 left as sold 8 on my local market. 310 per unit, UK only postage incl. Im not in a rush to sell these so you can spend as much time as you like deciding if you should have one. Pictures on their way and depending on sales will depend if i get anymore. As above, Post or PM if interested

Posted by Skrue
r they protos? R they in their packages? Pls. Post pics...thanx

Posted by Wolf_King
As I have just said, no pics as of yet, will be up soon

Posted by Zef
No pics,no phones :-(

Posted by Wolf_King
WTF? I saif theyre on their way, jeese

Posted by mixin
What was your old username?

Posted by Wolf_King
Will be on once more tonight and then i wont be for 4 days, so get your bid in if your having one, oh yeah 9 left!

Posted by wanny1
Oh yeah....Did I mention I have 71 SE P3000's for sale? Pictures will be coming soon. Probably in about 4 years.Thanks

Posted by 50Cent

Posted by Wolf_King
ignore this intruding tosser, just because he hasnt got contacts Dick

Posted by 50Cent
well can u see where hes coming from?? pictures would make the sale more credible


Posted by lordmat
wofl what was your old name

Posted by Wolf_King
As ive said theyre on their way, dont buy one if you feel you need pics, theres a caution, k! My prev. name was Caspa, 8 left, 1 reserved

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Posted by Zef
Caspa.Hmm. .. .and Ninjaturtle? ;-)

Posted by Ninjaturtle
Whatabout me?

I do hope you guys don't think i'm this character. I for one posted pics and have atleast 4 happy S700 customers here on esato.

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Posted by mad4mobiles
ill buy one if you let me pay it over 10 years!

any pics yet, want me to post u my digi camera and take some with it and then u post back ?

Posted by Wolf_King
Lol, i didnt bring my digi cam, and i dont have one here, so im trying to find a webcam over here. Selling locally for now

Posted by Leks
there is pics, he posted them in the "general s700 thread".

Posted by Ninjaturtle
well... i don't wanna be mean or something.. but if you have 20 S700 you also have 20 megapixel cameras...


Posted by Wolf_King
Im leaving them wrapped, but im sure someone wont mind if i open one to take a photo, cheers ninja

Posted by Ninjaturtle
Retail S700's does not come "wrapped", they come in open-ended little plastic bags.

I guess that settles it then...

Posted by Wolf_King
mine has a coating on the cam lense and screen

Posted by Ninjaturtle
Coating on the lense huh?

Would that be inside of the lens-cover?

Posted by djsaad1
ninja turtle do you have anymore to sell?

Posted by Ninjaturtle
I don't wanna hijack this thread with my selling of the S700's, but PM me, i'm sure we can work something out.

Posted by jalal

On 2004-09-13 20:38:59, Zef wrote:
Caspa.Hmm. .. .and Ninjaturtle?

This message was posted from a T610

If by this you are insinuating that Ninjaturtle is lying or doesn't have any to sell. Then you are wrong. I bought 1 from him and have received the unit.

Posted by mad4mobiles
ninjaturtle, pm me how much u are selling your s700's for

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