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Picture Sizes on K700

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Posted by Anneline
When anyone sends me a picture via MMS, it comes out really small. Does anyone know what the solution is for this please ? I also transferred some pix across from my old T610 and they have come out small as well.

Posted by shinshin
The pixel output of the k700i is higher than the t610, it uses "best fit" i believe. It happens to me too

Posted by countert610
thatīs because the screen is in much higher resolution than T610 and other normal phones.

If you want the picture to fit the screen, you have to make it in 176*176

Posted by Anneline
Thank you for your replies. I can use the Large Picture size setting on the camera to make sure the pix I take are full size but it happens that when people send pix to me that the K700 seems to make them smaller. Probably nothing to be done about it - the ones I take myself display as 160 x 120 but ones sent to me display as 65 x 80 and I cannot seem to get them to display any larger than that.

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