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Man makes shocking recovery after being hit by a SUV

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Posted by Lynx69
Watch ithe crash here

Car goes airborne, lands on pedestrian in intersection

DAYTON | Doctors revived a man Sunday just hours after medics pronounced him dead on the scene of a car crash, police officials said.

Dayton Police Sgt. Charles Hurley said Scott Tegtmeyer was walking in the intersection of Third Street and Edwin C. Moses Boulevard at 12:40 p.m. when a Chrysler PT Cruiser ran a red light, struck a Subaru sports utility vehicle and sent it into the air.

The Subaru landed upside down on Tegtmeyer and dragged him several feet across the intersection, Hurley said. Tegtmeyer, bloodied and surrounded by shattered glass, was pronounced dead on the scene, but he suddenly started breathing while in transit with paramedics. By 3 p.m., doctors had fully resuscitated him.

On Sunday evening, he was in the Miami Valley Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Neither of the female drivers of the vehicles involved were carrying passengers. The woman driving the Subaru was transported to Miami Valley Hospital. Information on the condition of the driver of the PT Cruiser was not available. Hurley said police talked to eight witnesses. He also said it is possible a camera mounted high above the intersection captured the crash.

Dayton police reconstructionists, trained at putting clues together after crashes, were on the scene with digital cameras and measuring devices. The flipped Subaru showed noticeable crash damage on the left body panel. Ten yards away, the customized P.T. Cruiser with a "AAA" sticker on the back of its tinted windows showed damage to its front end.

Nine days earlier, a sport utility vehicle struck a pedestrian at Edwin C. Moses Boulevard and West Third Street, after a PT Cruiser ran a red light and hit the SUV. The SUV flipped twice, then hit Scott Tegtmeyer, 42, who remained in serious condition at Miami Valley Hospital on Wednesday. The driver has not been charged.

That crash was captured by a red-light enforcement camera. Dayton police say the cameras, installed at a dozen intersections across the city, helped reduce injury crashes caused by ignored traffic signals by 28 percent during the past year.

Posted by Sammy_boy
All I can say is..... OUCH!!!! That bloke is lucky!

btw, is that real? Looks like rather too good a quality to be a camera for catching cars running red lights!

Posted by peeta
will drivers never learn...?

Posted by DungeonMaster
Yes, the pictures look suprisingly clear for exterior cameras. It might be a photoshop master that tried to test his powers at a real audience.

Posted by Lynx69
Yea, im doubting it now :S

Posted by dcjensen
It is real.


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