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Video review of Sonys U70 tablet

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Posted by axxxr

Video clip of the Sony VGN-U70 in action, that new wireless tablet PC thatís not actually a Tablet PC (since it runs on the regular flavor of Windows rather than Windows XP Tablet PC Edition), is just 2.6cm thick, and has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, and built-in 802.11g WiFi. Itís smaller than you think itíll be, and it isnít meant to be anybodyís main PC and Sony is pitching as a mobile multimedia machine for accessing watching videos, listening to music, reading ebooks, and looking at digital photos.

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Your welcome mate!

Posted by Dj Boyi
I was talkin bout the xhtml problem.

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Sorry boyi i dont know what to do about that Astrophe...No one esle seems to be having this prob i dont understand.

Posted by boto43
it looks good.what about price of the tablet.

Posted by axxxr

Above: small enough to hold with one hand. Yes, that's Age of Empires II on screen!

PDA Buyer's Guide reviews the Sony VAIO U50/U70, the hybrid PC/PDA that has beaten both the FlipStart and OQO to market. The short version? They like it, but it's too expensive. Editor in Chief Lisa Gade provides the typically in-depth review, with pictures and words and everything.

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Posted by vgn-u50
The U50 is a pleasure to use !
I'm using one now


VGN-U50 only $1849 USD at Conics!

Posted by axxxr
So means u would recommend it then??

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