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Agile Messenger and everyones problems

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Posted by kpence
There are so many threads on here concerning the connectivity issue of agile messenger 2.0...it all boils down to: the old version used port 80 which is open for WAP gprs accounts and version 2.0 uses other ports which are CLOSED on most WAP accounts for most of the providers. AM 2.0 does NOT work on Tmobile Tzones, only on Tmobile Internet. I think most users cannot justify to spend an extra $19.99 (the cost of Tmobile Internet here in the US) a month on their mobile service just to chat. I have seen so many people say on this and about 3 other forums that they cannot use this program anymore because of this issue......emailing agilemobile does nothing because they don't seem to care. You would think that a company who makes a program that seems to be so popular as agilemessenger would at least make some sort of statement on their website about this issue. I know it is a freeware program, but they have lost so many users. It is a great program. Maybe if we all emailed agilemobile, they would address the issue....I have emailed them 3 times about it and got no responce. Their website even says they wont respond to email questions about freeware....i hate to say this, but FIX the problem and charge like $12 or so and give support for it.

Doesnt someone from AgileMobile read this forum?????

Posted by jtrascap
You can change it - t-moibile in the Netherlands uses a different server for Internet connectivity.

Before I go any farther - there seems to still be a MSN problem. My P800 seems not to like MSN much as the users are never connecting or updating. ICQ still works like a champ though, so I blame MSN.

Anyway, to get Internet connectivity, give this a try:
* Disconnect from GPRS.
* Go to your Control Panel > Connections tab > Internet Accounts
* Select your GPRS setting, then click on the EDIT button.
* Then the ADVANCED button
* You'll be looking at your Tmobile login and password. The Address has to be changed from "wap" to "internet".
* Click on the PROXY tab and TURN OFF any Proxy settings.
* Click DONE and DONE and DONE and try it again.

Now, this works in the Dutch T-Mobile system, so it should work for you. I had to call T-Mobile and sound techy enough to get second-tier help, which had the information (and frankly, I *am* that techie. I can make an operator cry...)

Good luck...

Posted by kpence
Nope...doesnt work. TMobile US has an internet account which is different from the WAP account and you have to pay a lot more for it. So, unless you are paying for the internet account, changing the address to "internet" or "internet2.voicestream.com" doesnt do anything and not even the built in browser will work. So for us here in the US, especially on Tmobile, there are 2 solutions: pay $19.99 a month extra, or hope AgileMobile changes it back so that it connects to a master server. As a matter of fact, IM+ and TipicME also DO NOT WORK with tmobile for the exact same reason.

Posted by bensonl
Kpence is right on!!
If u r on T-mobile USA u can only connect to AM2 with the $19.99 internet plan. The t-zone plans wont work. I'm on the $19.99 and can access AM2 (and several other programs). Did not work when I was on $4.99 t-zones. Changing the name wont fool the serve either (tried that too last month).
Don't think I would have gotten the internet plan just for AM2. But some of u out there may think different.
Excellent summary Kpence.

Posted by jtrascap
Seriously - this is a problem with YOUR T-Mobile, not T-Mobile in general.

Here in Europe you pay for GPRS and per-megabyte, so it's to their advantage to leave the system open for you to abuse. You might be on a flat-fee GPRS system there, which could explain the difference in access. Since they're supporting your access by flattening the price, you're probably supposed to play in their backyards, kind of like the first AOL, Compuserve or eWorld.

Guess that'll change with competition, but let's get back on topic.

There IS a problem with MSN, but I can't tell if it's with Agile or network servers locking up these ports...it took a long time for any account to come online. Most of my contacts didn't see me as available, and now that I seem to have it working, friends on the KPN service are having troubles with their previously-working accounts.

Weirdness - at least port 80 always works. Perhaps Agile can be convinced to add a "Always Use Port 80" option.

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Posted by nkasuri
I'm using Agile Messenger on GPRS in Pakistan. It seems to work flawlessly here. I haven't had trouble chatting with any of my contacts, and I can see them as soon as they come online (and vice vera i'm assuming). If someone adds me to their contact list, I get a message on my phone. Works just like MSN on my Mac. Pretty damn good. I am paying a per mb charge for GPRS however. So I doubt they've blocked off any ports.

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Posted by kpence
The T-Mobile US gprs is unlimited for a flat rate fee. That is why it seems that only people in the US can't use AM2 on either of the tzones plans. TM used to charge 2.99 for 1mb a month, but they decided it was too difficult to monitor usage so they made it unlimited and raised the cost a little. It is kinda funny because Opera works fine for me and i can view anything on the net I can with my home pc. I told TM that and they said that was impossibl, then they asked what phone I had which I told them and then the conversation was over..."we do not support that phone, i cannot help you any further".

Posted by coolfighter
i have install Agile messenger on p900 , it connect to msn and it worked with me , but the problem is that it doesn't show anyone online . all on my list are offline , even if i open nsn on pc i see all my users online , go back to Agile messenger its all offline , i receive messages i can read them but cant reply , it say user offline , so pls guys what do u think is the problem

Posted by kpence
I have heard of several people who have had the same problem. I think it is probably a server issue. I know agilemobile has had problems with their servers and it has caused problems like yours.

Posted by ionur
I have the same problem with msn. I cannot reply because the contacts seem to be offline. ICQ works fine though.

Posted by kpence
I would guess you are not in the US. Or you are not on Tmobile....I am curious to know if there is anyone in the US who uses ATT or Cingular and has not had any problems with AM2.

Posted by ghettokidd_3187
Let me give my 2 cents. I live in Chicago. I have the T-Mobile T-Zones PRO plan and Unlimited Internet Plan. Dunno if they're the same but oh well. NEwho I can't connect to IM+ or AgileMessenger. Tried alot, but can't do it. I had a Nokia 6610 before I had purchased my P900 with same plan and everything, and when I had a messenger app installed it would connect (though sometimes it wouldn't). It would really help if someone would do something about it or atleast tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Posted by kpence
unless you have the $19.99 Tmobile Internet plan, you cannot connect with AM2. That is the only plan which supports it.

Posted by jtrascap
Ghettokid - check with your Tmobile service group. When they send you the automatic setup for the phone, they always send only the WAP settings...I've NEVER heard of them sending the correct Internet settings without having to manually communicate with them.

In the Internet profile, under the ADVANCED button, there is an address field. In the Netherlands we have to change this:

Last year it needed to go from "wap" to "internet_am2"

This year there's been an "upgrade" and it's gone now from "wap" to just "internet". That, and a reboot, worked for me.

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Posted by ghettokidd_3187
I do have the $19.99 plan. But still. Oh--this-is-so-FRUSTRATING.

Posted by kpence
All of these "internet" settings and internet apns that work in europe do not work in the US. TMobile has to activate your account for the internet apn and when they do, you get charged $19.99 a month.

Posted by bensonl
As kpence has said several time - if u r on T-Mobile US u can only get AM2 with the $19.99 internet plan. No european settings will help. U can only use the settings ur service providers supply. Can't fool them with other provider settings.
Now with the T-Mobile US $19.99 plan there are two options the internet2 plan and the internet3 plan. I have the internet3 plan which works fine with AM2 but I have read also that the internet2 plan works also. So either internet plan should work but it must be the internet plan and not the wap t-zones plan.
For those that want the old AM1.x that can work on the wap settings try contacting Yoshi77.

Posted by ghettokidd_3187
I have the 19.99 plan, but I still cannot connect to Agile or IM+. I checked the settings and the address says wap, when I changed it to internet or internet2, I recieved an error message. Help please.

Posted by ghettokidd_3187
Agile problem not my problem anymore. Thanks for the help. I have the 19.99 plan and still couldn't connect to Agile, but when I changed the settings address to internet3.voicestream.com, voila, I was connected. Thanks again.

Posted by peterpannetje
That's the reason i use http://start.e-messenger.net/mobile

it works great! You can also read your hotmail account!

Posted by sfaguy
would you eleborate a bit what http://start.e-messenger.net/mobile does and does not do?

is this a free product?

I can't seem to connect to it. It says 'your request for a service could not be fullfilled....'

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Posted by peterpannetje
It's all free...it's a based on an open msn messenger protocol

You can find more information on: http://www.e-messenger.net

Posted by kpence
The only problem with that is it is only MSN. What about yahoo and aol? I know yahoo has a mobile messenger wap version, but those wap message websites don't notify you if a contact comes online or messages you...you have to manually check. At least the program clients that you install on the phone can "vibrate" or make a sound when someone messages you.

To make a comment on someones statement that the old AM1.x works....acutally it doesnt seem to be working either. I got my hands on the p800 version of agile messenger 1.x and it wont connect to anything either. it connects to the master server because it will download the upgrade, but it wont connect to any of the chat servers.

Posted by pinkz
i have the agile messenger on my P900 but i cant seem to get it working right. i have even gone online and seen all of my hotmail contacts, but i cant talk to them.. i cant seem to figure out the problem. plz help!!!

Posted by djc978
I got Agile Messenger to work (using the clues in this thread and some guesswork), and if it helps anyone here's the info.

I'm in the US, with T-Mobile, I have the $19.99 internet plan, I'm only trying to connect to AIM, I have a Nokia 3650, and I'm installing the AM version that I downloaded today (Mar 14 2004). Sounds like there's an infinite variety of combinations out there, so I'm only vouching for this one.

T-mob had told me when I got the plan that all internet access simply went through the pre-configured t-zones access point. Turns out that's not the only way to go.

As suggested by jtrascap I started by creating a new Access Point (menu> settings> connection> access points; and from there options> new access point> use existing settings). On the form to specify the new connection I supplied a connection name e.g. "Internet", and left the data-bearer as GPRS. I set the Access-Point to internet2.voicestream.com (first I tried "internet." without the 2, but that didn't work. you might have different results.). The username and password are my existing T-Mobile account, i.e. my user name is my phone number. I left all the other fields alone including the Gateway IP address that was already provided (I guess its there because I chose "use existing settings").

That created a new access point, and I verified that it worked by connecting my browser. (This is where I did the trial-and-error to get the right *.voicestream.com address).

When I ran AM again, I made sure to select this new access point. I tried getting to AIM, and it worked right away.

Hope that helps.

Posted by P99
As a matter of fact, IM+and TipicME also DO NOTWORK with tmobile for theexact same reason. <<<< im on free wap and im+ is working fine

Posted by P99
^ im on free wap and im+ is working fine so as my agile (old version) though.

Posted by kpence
P99, are you in the US though? I have the 4.99 tzones plan in the US and none of tipicme, im+, or the old version of AM work. they all just sit at the "connecting" phase and then nothing.

Posted by kpence

amazingly with the tzones 4.99 and 9.99, programs like agilemessenger, tipicme, and IM+ dont work...but with the free wap they do. I can even use the build in email function (under messages) and still get to my pop3 email account....which I am supposed not to be able to....apparently the only thing that paying for tzones gets you is just that stupid tzones menu with the tmobile custom stuff.

Posted by imanuk
I just went back to the previous AgileMessenger, 2 forces you to use a GPRS/WAP account and doesn't allow for use of your PCs connection via bluetooth for example.

Posted by ghostgum
I have installed Agile to my p900 last night. Two things: Yahoo works famously, however, with Aim, I see my contact list and who's on, but I can only receive messages. When I try to send anything, it looks as though it's sent, but the other party never gets it.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


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Posted by sfaguy

Would you explain what you mean by cancel unlimited T-Zones for $4.99/month, yet IM+ and Agile work after that? Also, how do you check messages, like Yahoo mail without T-Zones?

a couple of people mentioned 'FREE WAP' here. how does it work and do we have to pay for this? I really want to get my IM+ to work.

I'll be happy not to pay T-Mobile $4.99 and get this to work.

Please let us know how to do this.

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Posted by kimcheeboi
For your info, the free wap uses your plan minutes (well it used all my friends').

Posted by sfaguy

how do they track minute usage for free wap if you are basically using data?

can anyone vereify this? i would like to try using free wap for IM+

Posted by sfaguy
More updates for IM+ V1.5 for T-mobile US

got AOL & ICQ working...see my posting "IM+ V1.5 for T-mobile US"

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Posted by 619
wished agilemessenger has option of copy and paste.

we can see whois online on AOL but we cant send message; but we can receive.

agile (aol) to agile (aol) - send and receive - no problem
agile (aol) to pc (aol)- pc canT receive
PC (aol) to agile (AOL)- agile can receive

Posted by 3angled
Try http://www.gamemobile.co.uk/iminstantmessenger.htm which the newest version is just released it works on any straightforward connection wap, gsm, gprs, etc.


Posted by kpence
The Free Wap doesnt use minutes...but Tmobile thinks you cant really use it for anything...but i find Opera works fine and so does AM. I called them up and told them i didnt want the Tzones anymore but set my account for free wap and they said I would not be able to access the tzones menu, which you can't. But everything else works fine.

Posted by a3sheqel3eooon

I'm a T-mobile USA user and I have AM, the final virsion 2.1 i guess.

I started like everyne with the 1.01 then updated all through and went through everything that everyone else went through... i.e no conenction, losing yahoo, etc.

Now MSN and Yahoo are perfect. AOL shows everyone offline until they contact me first, then they are seen online! yet they still don't recieve my messages. I am concluding that it's a server issue because every now and then some messenger has an issue of displaying or dellivering messages despite being connected.

Remember that the new messenger saves you the flat rate of "Picture Messaging" cost of $4.95/month or 25c each since u can now send pictures.

When I switched to "Internet2" access point i did it to gain access to the VDR-C application, the real player rtsp:// files and radio, and Agile messenger. I soon realized that they don't know yet what they were doing because the people who change ur plans are not data technicians and have no clue of what access points mean. I then cancelled that 19.95 and went back to 4.95 t-zone and no one closed my internet2 access.

Now, can i have this free WAP and still keep everything else like the streaming vedios that internet2 offers? can we keep both the free wap and the t-zone together? why cant we have all the access points possible working on one phone? we need a lot more info on the free wap issue especially if it runs the realplayer streaming protocols.

thanx all, i enjoyed reading everyone else's postings and knew i wasnt suffering alone hahah

Posted by unleached
Like "ghostgum" I am also haveing problems with the other party receiving my messages on aim. I see my buddy list and receive fine. When I use agile aim to send a message to a moblie phone, the other phone will recive a blank message. Aim users wont receive anything.
I use a nokia 3600 (cingular) with gprs and wap. Both connection types do the same thing.

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