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Posted by benny t
Has anyone actually been on wapsexy.com on their T68? Does it work? Dont worry I'm not some sad pervert that will get off over a phone its just the type of thing that really impresses your mates when they havent got a colour phone!

Anyone care to tell me whether its any good? Ben

Posted by gullak
Have you tried it yourself?

Posted by benny t
No, I have no way of saving all my sms messages and other stuff lost when i have to change my SIM card to access wap. just wondering if it is worth losing them all to impress my mates?

Posted by benny t
Anyone? simple question! Have yu been on wapsexy.com and is it good!?

Posted by Thief
I've been there, and i think it sucks!!! I was with a friend and we found that site, but it's terrible!

Posted by ElGato
It sucks.. bad pictures..everything is very bad..

Posted by Bazboy
I think that answered your question!!!


Posted by kevin81

The pictures are bad! But the sex game was quite fun, the first time.. hehe I am honest at least..

Posted by Eamonn
that site is blocked on WAP here

Posted by evoke
It's a waste of time if you ask me! Not very good and I wouldn't have thought it would impress your mates?!


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