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128 MB Duo at Cheap Price on the High Street - 39.99

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Posted by plevyadophy
Basically, Jessops offer Price Watching / Matching.

If you can provide proof of a product being sold at a cheaper price and the product is in stock with the rival company, Jessop will match the price. They will even match the price of internet based companies.

So on Sunday afternoon I looked on the internet and found a company selling the Duo for 39.99. I printed the page, took it to my local Jessops, 10 minutes from my home, and got them to match the price.

So I was able to get my goodies there and then, no waiting for post.

So here are the prices I have found for Duos:

- Digifocus @ Amazon = 39.99

- Amazon = 44.99

- Jessops = 64.99 (Price before Price Watch / Match )

- Carphone Warehose = 99.99 !!! ( I don't know if they Price Match )

Just thought I would share this info with you all.

Posted by TooMuch2AM
Have you actually managed to buy one this way?

Most high street stores will refuse to price match online stores due to the fact that web stores have less overheads and therefore can cut prices more.

Posted by plevyadophy
The answer to your question is in my original post!!

The answer is Yes

I am sitting here with a nice cheap 128MB Duo

Your point is valid though. But on the other hand, nearly all companies nowadays have an internet presence. So it is not easy to tell if a company exists solely via a modem or wether it's a bricks and mortar enterprise. So I guess the reality is that some firms have come to terms with the 21st Century and realise that if they don't compete we will simply buy from the internet and not bother with High Street shops.

But I have been in one or two shops - I can't remember which - whereby if you ask for a price match they will look at what you say is a better price and they will then log into a terminal and give you an answer as to whether they will match or not; basically they are tapping into data as to how much they bought the product for and whether they would be selling at a loss.

I reckon that many of these High Street shops buy at the same prices as the internet enterprises, and in cases such as Jessops and Carphone Warehouse they probably buy it at far lower prices, but they just take the piss. I mean (!), how the hell can Carphone Warehouse justify selling the 128 MB Duo @ 99.99. That's a ridiculous price. Just outta curiousity, I am gonna ask CFW wether they too price match.

Posted by Chaser81
CPW do price match, but they will not price match the Internet.

Posted by exilis
CPW will pricematch the internet for handsets to a max of 50.
Accessories are a different matter, sales guys ain't supposed to but sometimes they will. Alot of it will be down to how much leaway the store manager gives for discounting. I do agree prices for alot of accessories through CPW are gettin stupid though. Can get almost everything cheaper elsewhere.

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