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Weird P900 display behavior.

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Posted by sintax

I left my P900 drain down completely until it shut down by itself. Then I tried turning it on again since I wanted to check a number before charging. THe boot screen came up with sound and all, then the whole thing froze. The logo was messed up, I tried pressing the button again then it made the same sound and did the startup again with the same messy picture. I just wanted to turn it off at this point but couldn't. I even removed the battery, then the backlight went off but the picture still remained on the screen. How is this possible, removing the battery keeps the messed up image imprinted on the LCD? After recharging the battery everything went back to normal.

Has anyone come across similar weird behaviors?

Posted by pachy
Yes, thats normal, if you shut it down with the OFF button it will behave fine, but if you remove the battery (like not shutting windows down) the last image will stay in broken down form on the screen, no harm is done & the startup screen will override it when you restart it.
It's tthe type off screen used on the P900, the P800 screen would behave differently.

Posted by Scott_b
Yes, i agree, i have the same problem with mine if i take the battery out before the phone has properly shut down. Its ok and wont do the screen any damage as it will be refreshed when the phone is restarted.

Posted by psikey
Yes, I noticed this early on and its the first retentive LCD I have seen. There was something in tech news over a year ago about future LCD's that didn't need power to maintain the image only when the state changes. Maybe this is one of reasons for much better battary life with P900

Posted by SE_T610
I have tried something like that with my t610. My phone was completely run out of battery when i switched it on to get into the meny and when i got into the meny it froze. Eventhoug i took off and on the battery some times it was completely dead. It was first when i had charged it about 10 min it \"came back to live\"

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