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The future of BlueJacking

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Posted by bluejacker
I've been giving it some thought about the future for BlueJacking now that there has been so much publicity in the media recently and more and more people know about our little secret.

Here's my late night rambling that you might want to comment on - will it work? What are the dangers?


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Posted by kev.morris
Can you cut and paste it for us wap users?

Posted by bluejacker
Sure, it's a bit long for a post but here goes.

What is the future of BlueJacking?

Given the current publicity that BlueJacking is receiving in the Media, it won't be much longer before the majority of the public understand BlueJacking. Those that can work out how, will disable their Bluetooth connection and the only people that you will find will be fellow BlueJackers who are trying to get you.

Hmmm, not much fun in that...... or is there?

Some time ago the Japanese developed a small wireless device that you could wear, into which you could enter the details of the person you would like to meet plus your own details, and when two devices came within range of each other they would beep or flash indicating that a match was nearby.

You get the idea - it's a Friday night and you fancy a *hot date* - he must be muscular, 6' and not into commitments - you walk down the road past a bunch of guys and your device beeps - one of them is your perfect match for tonight - you get the picture I'm sure.

Anyway, the device never really took off.

But we now have Bluetooth phones that can BlueJack

You could start by sending a simple message - perhaps 'Guy 17 looking for Girl 17-18' or similar - perhaps we should develop a BlueJacking code sheet to avoid confusion

You now check your Bluetooth devices and see that 'SexyGirl' has come into range - in the crowd you have no idea who she is of course so you send your message and include your details within the Contact.

Now she knows your Bluetooth name you can start a dialogue. With the built in camera in your phone you can take your picture and send it to her - moments later you get a tap on the shoulder and ......

Well, you get the idea.

The advantage is that you now have something in common to talk about - the are of BlueJacking.

Best of all this is completely and 100% free of charge - no 10p text messages or phone calls and not finding that the other person lives 150 miles away - they are in the same bar/pub/bowling alley/tube or train as you are.

So the future is Blue, not Orange.

Posted by JohnM
Interesting, but not sure it would work that easily. Nice idea though.

Posted by kev.morris
Thanks.Its a good idea providing the range is increased at the moment you dont need photos to see the other person, you can just look for the person fiddling with their phone

Posted by etic
actually it's quite easily done from any phone without any software.

All you need is a phone with bluetooth.

for how to bluejack and have some fun..in 2009

Posted by aquared29
thanks for that tutorial link

Posted by goldenface
An idiot neighbour is able to connect to my Bluetooth speaker and send sound. Normally, the speaker requires pairing beforehand.

How is he able to do this?

Posted by tranced
Usually the bt device doesn't need to agree with the phone. As long as the pairing code is the same, it will be ok. Is there an extra setting where you can increase the security of the speaker?

Posted by goldenface
No. When in pairing mode, the speaker generates a 4-digit pin, which displays on the device it's pairing with. But it manually has to be put into mode first, by pressing and holding a button on the speaker, which is puzzling.

Posted by tranced
That's not common. What speaker is that?

Posted by goldenface
Sony srs-300. I think he might have hacking software or something.

Posted by tranced
Reading the manual, I couldn't find anything related to a pairing code. Did it ask you for the code the first time?

Posted by goldenface
I can't remember, there is a hardware pairing button though.

Posted by tranced
Yes, I could see it in the manual. But it doesn't mention anything about the pairing code. Give it a read to this pdf. It's multi-language: https://www.sony.es/electroni[....]res/manuals/4454/44546311M.pdf

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