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The best new feature of the P900 is......

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Posted by teamedition
I've had my P900 for a couple of days now and for me the best improvement is not just the new display (which whilst beautiful indoors is not as good outisde in sunlight as the P800) or having T9 etc.

It's having a louder earpierce!

Finally I can hear callers better outdoors without pressing the phone hard to me my ear and leaving a horrible greasy earprint on the LCD after every call.

Am I the only one who found that annoying?!

Posted by gunn
Also the speaker phone is louder than P800. You can use it in outdoor also, and still can hear clearly.
About greasy on LCD, why you don't buy screen protector ? OverlayPlus is the best.

Posted by teamedition
I've used screen protectors in the past on Pocket PCs etc. and, whilst they do a great job at protecting the screen, they always affect the look of the screen and the feel of it for the stylus.

I tend to take care to scratch it but I'm sure any screen overlay is still going to show your earprint on it!

Posted by Khayman
The better processor in the p900 is better than p800 so now i can have great movies in the phone.
On the p800 it was nearly impossible to get the movies good. itīs real easy to do it on p900

Posted by Jah

I like the MP3 player - I'm sure it sounds much better. Also, the screen is wonderful, Tracker 3 skins look cool.

Posted by dalewinterstein
What about T9 !!!
What about Video Cam + Sound Unlimited !!!
What about Electric Flip !!
What about Speed dials !!
What about a PROPER Stylus !!
What about THEMES !!
just to name a few more

Posted by Ne0
What about an Ipaq! 400mhz. Bigger screen. Better in many ways. Is something better on the P900? Oh and it is cheaper and little bigger

Posted by Jah

Yes agreed. The new keypad and minor updates to the OS make the P900 a much more complete phone/pda. The battery life is also much better (way better than an iPaq!).

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