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Better than the P800! haha

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Posted by cguzman
This is a funny story and I thought I should share it with you guys.
I was walking in the mall with my family. As my wife went into a clothing store, I started looking at a mobile island next to me. I started looking at the accessories they had hanging there.
To my surprise I saw a black box on their top shelf. I started looking at it and not even 2 seconds later a sales guy walks up to me and says: "Do you have a mobile phone?" I said "yep". He says, "What do look for in a phone?", I replied "Mostly style, great features and functionality". He asked me what phone do I have. So I whip it out and he takes a step back and says "Wow, a P800". Sure is I said.
He stands there a few seconds looking over my phone. I guess he got all excited about holding a P800 in his hands. Then, his reality kicks in. He has to sell something, this is his job. He told me had something better than the P800. I said "Really, show me". He brings out the N-Gage. I started cracking up, I said "This Gameboy is better than a P800? You have to be kidding me" He goes on and on about the N-Gage. I told him, look the only feature your "gameboy" has that my phone doesn't is that it claims it can use mp3 as ringtones. Other than that, this is something I would give my daughter to play with. I walk away. I couldn't beleive that guy but hey, he is getting paid to do that. His face was not convincing since he kept staring at my P800. Oh, well (**sigh**) What can we do. Just to reaffirm what I said about his toy, I saw a display in a game store just like the ones you see for the playstation or nintendo. That had a sign said N-Gage and 2 arms strecthing out from it with N-Gage's attached to them so kids can try out the games.
Thanks, though I should share.

Posted by plevyadophy

I like that story. Very funny.

But the saleman is a DikkHead. I would lose respect for him and never trust anything he says.

It's clear that the P800 is currently the world's most advanced phone/smartphone. No salesman, should ever try to sell you anything else once they see you have that phone. (It's a bit like owning a Rolls Royce and some jerk salesman is trying to convince you to trade it in for X car).

They may sell you another phone on a lifestyle basis. For example, they may try and persuade you to buy a small cute phone that slips nicely into your trousers or shorts for when you are out clubbing/partying or something.

But to try and sell you another phone on the basis of its superiority to the P800 is laughable.

Whenever, I go into a mobile phone shop and they find out that I own a P800 they dont even bother trying - they may try and sell me data services but certainly none of the lesser phones (e.g. Mickey Mouse Noks) that they have wasting display space in their stores.

That sales guy you met is hilarious. Very funny man.

Posted by Anuj
Well said regarding the P800 being the Rolls Royce of phones.....

But the new model is due soon

Posted by Bogus Jimmy
When I went into a phone store last week to see what's new in the stores (As we all know there is a big difference between what is available in stores and what is released). A salesman asked me a few questions before asking what phone I had. When I replied "P800", he was instantly disappointed and said "Well, there ain't anything better than that." The only thing he did have to add was that an rep told him the P900 will be available within a couple of months.

Posted by Anuj
P800 - A salesmens nightmare

Posted by Bogus Jimmy
I just don't understand why they don't sell more of them. I have a habit of checking out everyones phones and since the beginning of the year I have only seen 4 other people in Australia (that includes 2 in Adelaide, 1 in Sydney and 1 in Newcastle)!

Posted by cguzman
My feelings exactly about the Rolls Royce of mobile phones. I guess, like I said earlier, the poor guy is getting paid to try and convince me his product is better. Good luck to that

There are pro's and con's on the P800. I feel it is a pro that there aren't that many out there because the "WOW" factor attached to our phones will be there for time to come. Anybody who sees it will be astonished. Which makes me feel good Another pro is that when we decide to upgrade to the P900, the P800 will still have some market value. More so on my side of the world where our mobile culture is different from Europe and Asia. Many carriers in the US will not subsidise a P800 because it is to expensive for them to stock up and the people here will probably not buy it (so they think).

Posted by nomad_my
Yes, I agreed all the above.

I have a story to share too:
Yesterday, I was jotting my SMS using the stylus in a Bank. Suddenly, a bank officer came to me and asked me "Sir, is this you PDA? or Phone?". I replied with pride:"This is my PDA Phone". He looks very funny and keep staring at what I was doing on my phone. That was Great! Finally, I walked out from the bank with my Nose Up. Hee.....

I wish, in the next couple of months, I do not need to pay too much for the upgrade of P900. I only have my P800 for only 3 months. I do not hope to lose the pride so soon. I really hope that Sony Ericsson would come out with a Upgrade Plan for the existing P800 users.

Posted by Mrs.Quit
Another hilarious story that I thought I should share is when I first came to the US. I applied with one of the mobile providers for a new line, they gave me the same old requirements and what have you, then when it came down to asking what kind of phone I had, they were all amazed. I was a little embarrassed to have caused such commotion. All the sales clerks were fussing over the phone. Then when I started to inquire about MMS and Email, they didn't know where to begin to configure the phone!!!! aaahhh hahahaha that was really funny. I had to explain to them how to set it up and that all they had to do was to give me the details so I could do it myself. The commotion that the P800 can do is pretty amazing... when you think about it, it's still just a phone. But the most advanced in it's time... - for the moment anyway.

Posted by BigFeat
Phone upgrades will never be something that cellular companies could ever offer. I purchased an unlocked T68 as soon as it was available. As soon as the T68i came out shortly after I had to pay out of pocket for that one. Although there was a firmware flash that could allow me to carry the software, the phones were technically different. Now I paid $1,200 for my unlocked P800 when I purchased it about 9 months ago and I'll gladly spend another 1k for the P900 once that's release. There is no added value for companies to offer phone upgrades. I am guessing the number of P800 owners to-date are going to be the same ones interested in the P900. Being that P800 sales are not as high as averaged priced phone, it would be financially impossible to think that they can interest just as many or more new customers to P900 and at the same time offer discounts to current P800 customers.

Posted by Rayan
Here's my story...

When I first saw the P800 I was hooked... Even months before it came out in Mexico... I downloaded every, I said EVERY photo, article, FAQ, etc. of the internet, so I basically became an "Expert" on P800 issues.

So finally on the first day it came out, I instantly walked into a nation-wide Cellular Provider (Telcel) and I saw it being placed on display. So I placed myself on the queue and when it was finally my turn on the assistant I told her... could you please demo the P800?
- The what? she replied...
- The Sony Ericsson P800... the new PDA-Phone that just came in today...
-P800? no sir, we don't have that... she said..
-That's the P800 miss... (I point my finger to the direction of the display showing the P800)
- Ah!!! ok hold on... she said
- She opened up a new box and she tried to demo me the phone, but she was so nervous and she didn't even knew how to put the battery in, and even less, how to turn it on...

But to make the long story short, I ended up demonstrating the P800's features to ALL of them!!! and they just thought it was just another Palm-Phone... they even didn't knew it had a camera...

I bought it immediately...

Posted by fijbert
well, I had my P800 6 months before it ever hit the market in canada
I must hv destroyed the dreams of so many users who thought they had the epiphony of phones
lil nokia 8890 users, samsung SGH-100 users
and panasonic GD-55

I also wld go into stores and just look around to get a feel of smaller phones so I wld purchase a spare phone

the nerve of every salesman was to try and make their crap seem better than the P800

now that the P800 is released, I need the P900
I also go around saving poor P800s from owners who dont know anything about it

but now I'm stuck with a T610
and it's starting to flood into the country

I need something new..
cant think of anything

Posted by mrj82
Well I remember when T-mobile first got the 3650. I went to the store to pay my bill and the guy was trying to tell me how much better it was then my P800. Then after showing him the 3650 can't touch the P800, he started to talk smack about it. And how you can buy a P800 on ebay for $50. I was like dude you must be on crack if you think thats true, your only fooling yourself. So he was gonna look it up on ebay and prove me wrong, but of course I couldn't go in the back where the computer was that he was doing this on. The nerve of those guys. I had a little talk with his manager about his attitude and as far as I know he no longer works there. Appearently she was having other problems with him and customers.

Posted by microneo
as phones like P800 get released people will eventually get more familiar with what a phone can do and thy wont get that excited...

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