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T-Zone or T-Mobile Internet

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Posted by Tyrone
I'm thinking to get a T610 for T-Mobile (I'm in the US). As I browsing their plans I found out there are two options for mobile internet. One is T-Mobile internet unlimited for $20/month and the other is T-Zone unlimited for $10/month. What is the difference? Does T-zone allow us to connect to intenet from laptops via Bluetooth? Is there any downsides? If anyone actually using T-zone, please let me know.

Posted by t68iNWO
it's easy:

t-mobile internet lets you use your phone as a modem for a PDA or laptop.

t-mobile tzones simply provides GPRS service on your handset so you can access the mobile internet. but you cannot use your phone as a modem.

enjoy your new phone and service. you'll come to find t-mobile and S.E. are a pair unmatched!!!

Posted by Tyrone
So, with T-Zone unlimited you can't use the phone as an external modem correct?

However, while I was researcing about this issue and found a few links that is saying T-Zone actually "could" work for Laptop connection.


Are those comments ture? or T-Mobile just don't want to admit you can use T-Zone as T-Mobile Internet alternative?
I'm also thinking to sign up for HotSpot for $20/month.
So I would use GPRS connection as a secondary wireless connection (its not that fast anyway) whenever I don't have access to Hotspots. So with that kind of usage, T-Zone price seems to be reasonable for me, "IF" I can actually use it as GPRS modem for my laptop.

Posted by willingways
I am on a IBM thinkpad with a t720i for a modem , but i can only reach speeds of 9600 . Can anyone tell me or ditect me to how i can increase my speed .

Posted by masseur
It sounds like you are using dial out GSM to make your connection and you probably will not get any faster than that with that method, although some carriers do support 14.4 kbps.

You can, however, change to a GPRS connection which will be alot faster (up to 50-65kbps) and this requires that you set up a GPRS internet data account in your phone and ensure the operator has activated this GPRS internet facility for you.

Posted by willingways
yes i am useing GSM . How do i setup a gprs connection
ands iam useing a ma8820c usb cable with not running software mother than aol............isnt there some hidden features with this phone that motorola choose not to activate ? or maybe some king of flash or software update,,,,,,,,,,plz any help would br greatly apperciated,,,,,,,,,,,,,WILLIE

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